You Have All The Answers

You can listen to politicians and pundits all day every day.  But, why would you?  You don’t need to listen to politicians and pundits.  You have all the answers.

If you want to understand, turn off the noise and hostility.  Turn off the politicians and pundits.  Turn yourself on.  Listen to your own mind and heart.  Answer questions for yourself.

COVID deaths exceed 4,000,000 worldwide, and exceed 600,000 in America.  The President’s entire Party, almost the entire Fourth Estate, and all of Big Tech tell us all day every day that COVID is a scourge that requires shutting down our nation’s economy and schools, that requires indoor and outdoor face masks, and that requires a door-to-door enforced vaccination of everyone.

  • Here’s a question.  Why does government allow more than 1,000,000 unvaccinated, unvetted, maskless, unidentified aliens to enter America, and then distribute them free of supervision throughout America by bus and plane?
  • You know the answer.

Protecting citizens from murder, arson, assault, theft, and other criminal activity is one of the most significant reasons why government exists.

  • Here’s a question.  Why does government consider it acceptable for people to burn police stations and courthouses, acceptable for people to occupy city land and declare the land to be independent of America and free of all laws, and acceptable for almost as many people to be murdered in Chicago as are killed by all police in all America?
  • You know the answer.

Free Speech and a Free Press are the foundations of freedom for We the People.  Nevertheless, government and Facebook proudly admit that they work together to squelch Free Speech and a Free Press.  They say they do it for your own good.

  • Here’s a question.  Why don’t Democrats and Republicans unite in an effort to return the First Amendment to We the People?
  • You know the answer.

Our Constitution provides the remedy of impeachment, when a President violates his oath of office.

  • Here’s a question.  Why hasn’t any Member of Congress presented Articles of Impeachment against President Biden, based on his violating his duty to enforce immigration laws, protect citizens against criminals, and defend the First Amendment?
  • You know the answer.

All day every day, politicians and pundits tell you that politicians and pundits are liars and scoundrels.  That’s what they think about themselves, and they know themselves better than you do.  You should turn them off, and turn yourself on.  You have all the answers.

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