Voter Fraud

“Voter fraud!” is a cry that fills our media.  What is voter fraud?

George H. W. Bush stole precious votes with his promise: “Read my lips, No new taxes.”  Barak H. Obama stole precious votes with his promise: “I’ve said repeatedly that I intend to close Guantanamo and I will follow through on that.”  Their false promises fit the definition of fraud, and certainly were voter fraud.  Their voter fraud was not against the law, because they get to say what the law is.

We know we can’t believe anything politicians say.  We know politicians agree.  They call each other liars all day every day, and who knows more about politicians than politicians?

However, we know that voter fraud is not limited to politicians’ lies.  We know voter fraud includes lots of other chicanery.  Dead people vote.  Political opinions are cancelled from political debate on social media.  Unverified ballots are accepted without question.  The list goes on.

But at their worst, somehow, some way, the people who control our lives and fortunes and futures found a way to raise voter fraud to the rooftops.  They found a way to eliminate representative government.  And they found a way to keep us from noticing.

So, here we are.  We the People no longer choose our representatives.  Our Constitution be damned.  Our 17th Amendment be damned.  Representatives no longer are elected by their constituents.  Now they’re elected by those with the big bank accounts, whether or not they’re constituents, whether or not they’re even human beings.

We know corporations and PACs and George Soros and teacher unions and the endless list of non-constituents and non-humans who elect our representatives.  But we don’t know all we should.  Maybe we just don’t care.  Maybe we think they’re all the same.  Maybe we feel powerless.  Maybe that’s exactly what they want.

The big picture is too big to see.  Choosing just one example makes the big picture more clear.  Stacey Abrams is a national, big name, influential, politician who never won a statewide or national election.  She’s a perfect choice as the “one example”, to prove the point that constituents don’t elect their representatives.

On July 9, 2021, on its website at the, The Hill reported that “The political action committee founded by former Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams (D) has raised more than $100 million since it was founded just over two years ago, putting it among the top-raising political groups in the nation.”  Did the $100 million come from her constituents.  Nope.  Most of it came from non-constituents and non-humans outside her home state — from sources that cannot vote in her home state, but can use their money to elect representatives in her home state.  Why would they spend their money in her home state?  Because they don’t like the values of her constituents.  And neither does she.

To get an idea of the scope of this particular election fraud, go the website of the Georgia Government Transparency And Campaign Finance Commission at,%20Stacey%20Yvonne&Year=2017&Report=June%2030th%20-%20Non-Election%20Year.

From that website, you can download into an Excel (Microsoft) or Numbers (Apple) spreadsheet the 2017 Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report filed by Stacey Abrams.  When in spreadsheet format, you can sort by the States from which she received the contributions, you can sort by the contributors, you can sort by the amount of the contributions, and so on.  It’s impossible to go through that process and conclude that its the people of Georgia who she represents.

And Stacey Abrams is merely one politician who does not represent her constitutions.  All the cool kids are doing it.

If you’re not yet convinced that your representatives don’t represent you, ask yourself this one question.  Why did Democrat Joe Biden choose Democrat Kamala Harris as his running mate, even though his own Democrat Party rejected her presidential candidacy so dramatically that she did not win even one single delegate to the Democrat National Convention?

When the Democrat President of the United States of America tells Democrat voters that he doesn’t give a damn about who Democrat voters want to represent them, that’s voter fraud on steroids.

“One man, one vote” is history.  So says the people who control our lives, fortunes, and futures.

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