United States

Can you feel it in the air?  The coming apart of a nation?  The end of unity in the United States?  Today, what’s united, who’s united, in the United States?

E Pluribus Unum.  In God We Trust.  National Anthem.  Pledge Allegiance To The Flag.  Fourth Of July.  Founding Fathers.  Constitution.  Bill Of Rights.  Today, loud voices from bully pulpits call it racism and institutional White supremacy.

Work across the aisle.  Civil discourse.  Today, What’s that?

The Capitol surrounded for months by a seven-foot-high metal razor-wire-topped fence and twenty-five thousand uniformed armed military.  The Supreme Court surrounded by an eight-foot-high metal fence.  Unity, à la King George III?

People who attend multi-thousand-dollar per-plate dinners turn a blind eye to food for babies running out.

People who send their children to private schools turn a blind eye to inner-city high school diplomas that have no meaning, and refuse to let inner-city parents send their children to charter schools.

People with armed bodyguards turn a blind eye to thousands of people being shot each year, and defund their police protection.

People with private jets, yachts, and multiple homes turn a blind eye to the fact that they live on the same planet as people who they criticize for driving gas-guzzler cars.

Rulers who don’t wear coronavirus face masks when they don’t feel like it, arrest and terminate the employment of people who don’t wear coronavirus face masks all day every day.

People who hold the Fourth Amendment dear are spied on by people who don’t.

People who believe the Catholic Church has the right to define its own theology are excoriated by people who don’t.

People who claim that Roe v. Wade protects a woman’s unrestricted constitutional right to abortion up to the instant of birth call people who disagree every venomous name in the book, even though Roe v. Wade says the opposite of what they claim.

Unity?  No.  Divisiveness, hostility, venom, scorn, derision, and hate.

Deplorables and elites.  No social compact.  No civil society.  No united United States.  Until we meet again.

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