Every event and non-event at every instant in time will become history.  What will history say about you, what you do and don’t do?

Sociopaths don’t understand this question.  They never think about what anybody says about them.  It gets in the way of doing whatever they want to do. That’s Politics 101, first semester, first class, first lesson.

Anyone unsure should think about this.  Why did Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden select bottom-of-the-barrel losing presidential candidate Kamala Harris to be his running mate, after the voters in their own Party refused to give her even one single delegate?  Didn’t he care what his constituency thought about him and his selection?

Of course he didn’t care.  There’s no other explanation.  And he works diligently to prove his sociopathy over and over.

But this is not about Joe Biden, it’s about sociopaths.  Politicians and non-politicians.

It’s about no consequences for your actions.

It’s about no values.

It’s about the authority of man***, with belief in a higher authority being mocked as a neurological disorder.

It’s about tomorrow’s historians, writing about today.

Tomorrow’s historians would be well-served by the team of George Carlin and Lenny Bruce.  Try to imagine what they would say.  We can’t.  We’re not smart enough, not funny enough, too close to see it for what it really is.  But, let’s try …

Why do people who make laws get to say which laws have to be obeyed?  Through what hole does a man’s baby leave his body?  Is Patrisse Cullors or Clarence Thomas more authentically Black?  How did campaign contributions to a Senator get to be less criminal than bribes to a building inspector?  When you use lies and false campaign promises to deceive people out of their precious votes, isn’t that treason?

What will historians have to say?  It’ll be hilarious.


*** Man means he, she, it, and/or every other conceivable permutation, on a fluid basis.

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