American Pie

We didn’t listen to Don McLean’s “American Pie”.  We let the music die.

We declared an unaccomplished unworthy unwell person to be the President of the United States of America, following his decision to remain in his basement rather than campaign for the Presidency.

We applaud our government for advocating against racial equality, free speech, enforcement of existing laws, free exercise of religion (specifically Catholicism), and educating our inner-city children.

We authorize our government to give multi-billionaire owners of private companies the right to censor what we say and what we read, to censor what we know about political candidates and issues.

We re-elect and re-elect politicians, as we declare them to be unworthy of our trust or our respect.

We accept whatever our government does, without holding it accountable for anything.

We give our government all the money it demands, without asking for a forensic accounting.

We encourage corporations and billionaires to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence State and local elections in other peoples’ home States.

We create laws that say the flood of money in politics is existentially different than bribery.

We pretend that billion-dollar Presidential campaigns are necessary and democratic.

We rely on experts to tell us the difference between good and bad, to tell us what’s good for us, and to tell us what to think.

We hold the fourth estate in high esteem, free to publish anything based on undisclosed sources, free to amalgamate fact and fiction and opinion, free to publish classified information, free to defame, and free of liability.

We grant pollsters and the press the power to influence the outcome of our elections by publishing polling results and election predictions, whether or not based on fact.

We idolize Cardi B, Roman Polanski, and Joanne Chesimard, and welcome fentanyl.

We let the music die.

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