America: Gullible as All Get Out

Here’s what America believes, so says the White House and the Fourth Estate …

You’re a racist, if you don’t judge people by the color of their skin.

You’re a domestic terrorist, if you tell your school board to not teach your first-grade child about sex.

Aborting a baby one second before birth is women’s health care.

If you imagine you’re the opposite sex, you are.

Requiring a photo id for cashing a check is a sensible safety precaution and is not racist, but for casting a ballot it’s not a sensible safety precaution and it’s racist.

The border with Mexico is nothing more than a line on a map.

Spending trillions of dollars does not cost the taxpayer anything, and does not cause inflation.

There’s no good reason to try to find the cause of the coronavirus pandemic that killed 6,000,000 people.

Nobody cares about strident face-mask-advocates not wearing face masks when they think they’re not “on camera”.

Only stupid people think they should have a say in what their children are taught in school.

When half the citizenry is called deplorables, irredeemables, bitter people who cling to religion, and White Supremacists, that’s a good-faith effort at achieving unity.

Notwithstanding Vietnam and Afghanistan, America’s military is the best in the world.

A Deep State does not exist.

Prohibiting children under age 18 from entering into an enforceable contract is a good way to protect them, unless it’s contract to have their genitals cut off.

It “follows the science” to prohibit citizens from re-entering the country without proof of vaccination and a face mask, and it “follows the science” to permit unidentified unvetted aliens to enter the country without proof of vaccination or a face mask.

Somebody’s smoking something …

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