Monarchy In America

On January 19, 2022, Joe Biden appeared for a press conference.  Some people were scared by what they heard and what they saw.  Bill Maher was one of them.

On January 21, 2022, Bill Maher exposed his fear.  He said “Democrats must thank President Biden for his great service to America, and then move him into a more ceremonial role”.

Let’s take a deep breath.  Let’s pause for a moment.  Let’s think seriously about what Bill Maher said.  About what he actually said, in no uncertain terms.

Bill Maher said Democrats have the power, legal authority, and moral authority to demote the President.  To make him a ceremonial monarch.  To replace him with whoever Democrats want, unrestricted by the principle of free and fair elections.

Bill Maher said this on national television, without hesitation.  He wasn’t criticized by the ruling class.  Because he said exactly what the ruling class believes is true.  The ruling class believes the ruling class rules — rules absolutely.  What other conclusion can be drawn from what Bill Maher said?

People who think Bill Maher was joking are people who don’t think very deeply.

Here are some simple truths.  The ruling class censors speech.  The ruling class deployed the FBI to silence parents who don’t want their children taught to judge people by the color of their skin.  The ruling class defined half of us to be “deplorables” and people who “cling to guns or religion”.  The ruling class terminated One Person One Vote.

Our Founding Fathers threw off a monarchy and created a government of the people, by the people, for the people.  The ruling class threw off our Founding Fathers and is creating a monarchy of the ruling class, by the ruling class, for the ruling class.

In our Declaration of Independence, our Founding Fathers warned us about government becoming “destructive” of our “unalienable Rights”.

Brave New World, Animal Farm, and Nineteen Eighty-Four are not fiction.

We the People have the right and the duty to create and maintain a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Un-Raveling Society

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney drove America to Barak H. Obama.  Barak H. Obama and Hillary Clinton drove America to Donald J. Trump.  Donald J. Trump drove America to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are driving America to … well, that remains to be seen.

George W. Bush featured toppling governments and financial collapse.  Barak H. Obama featured toppling governments and unreasonable searches and seizures.  Donald J. Trump featured conflict with the deep state and fake news.  Joe Biden features conflict with unity and equality.

Americans used to discuss what’s important to them — jobs, inflation, safe streets, one person one vote, the American Dream.  Now Americans don’t discuss anything — afraid of being called racist and everything else that silences civil debate.

The United States of America used to be the North, the South, Middle America, and the West.  Now it’s Red States and Blue States — States for Elites and States for Deplorables.

America’s Founding Fathers overthrew their government by force of arms and created a nation grounded in limited government.  Now America’s Founding Fathers have been declared persona non grata, and limited government has been declared the province of people who “cling to guns or religion”.

America’s social compact has been shredded, just as the Speaker of the House of Representatives shredded the President’s State of the Union Address behind his back as he presented it to the world.

The legitimacy of the Supreme Court has been thrown aside.  One Supreme Court Justice expressed her disdain for the Supreme Court as follows: “this Court is partly to blame for the breakdown in the appellate process”.  The Speaker of the House of Representatives expressed her disdain for the Supreme Court by declaring one Justice to be “illegitimate” and another Justice to be unworthy of confirmation by the Senate.

The intelligence community has become a terror.  A senior Senator expressed his fear as follows: “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you”.

Politicians daily express hatred and disdain for politicians.  And because politicians know politicians best, Americans would be foolish not to join in the hatred and disdain.

Who chooses the people who rule America?  The people who teach America’s children to judge people by the color of their skin.  The people who un-ravel America’s society.  For sure, it certainly is not We the People.

America, the Laughing Stock of the World

The 2000 presidential election was decided by the Supreme Court, because Congress and the States lacked the competency to decide the election.

In 2010, the Supreme Court declared that corporations can spend unlimited money to elect unlimited numbers of politicians in unlimited numbers of jurisdictions.  The Supreme Court relied on its earlier declarations: money is speech, and corporations are people.  One Person One Vote was declared earlier by a different Supreme Court.

On January 11, 2022, the President of the United States of America excoriated everyone who wants voters to produce identification, and compared voter id advocates to the President of the Confederate States of America.

Voting is not the only issue that brings laughter (and tears).

In January 2021, the President erased the southern border from the map, stopped enforcing immigration laws, terminated the vetting of immigrants for disease and criminal history, exempted immigrants from existing rules and regulations designed to protect against the coronavirus pandemic, and began flying immigrants in the darkness of night to points unknown throughout America.

In January 2021, the President terminated construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and re-joined the Paris Accords, saying he wanted to address the existing existential threat to the world’s environment.  The President also approved Russia’s trans-Europe Nord Stream 2 Pipeline.

In August 2021, the President withdrew from Afghanistan, leaving countless Americans and $80 billion worth of weapons in the hands of the Taliban.

On October 4, 2021, the Attorney General announced the Justice Department’s initiation of a special effort to police the behavior of parents at local school board meetings throughout America.

On January 11, 2022, during testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, the FBI refused to disclose whether or not it engaged in or encouraged criminal activity during the “insurrection” at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the only people exempt from wearing a face mask are the President, the President’s top pandemic advisors, the Speaker of the House, the Governor of California, mostly peaceful protestors, illegal immigrants, and, well, you know who.  First graders are not exempt, while they are being taught to judge people by the color of their skin.

Are America’s allies laughing?  What about America’s enemies?

January 11, 2022: A Date Which Will Live In Infamy

During the reign of Joe Biden, the chasm between the rulers and the ruled is THE challenge to democracy.  The rulers and the ruled agree that the chasm is wide and deep.

On January 11, 2022, the rulers told the ruled that the rulers have the absolute, unquestionable power and authority to “commit crimes of violence” and to “actively encourage and incite crimes of violence”, and to conceal those actions from the ruled.

That bears repeating.  On January 11, 2022, the rulers told the ruled that the rulers have the absolute, unquestionable power and authority to “commit crimes of violence” and to “actively encourage and incite crimes of violence”, and to conceal those actions from the ruled.

Congress is a co-equal branch of government with the Executive Branch.  They are checks and balances against one another, intended to prevent either one of them from ruling as a tsar or king.

On January 11, 2022, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a constitutional hearing to investigate the events that took place at the nation’s Capitol on January 6, 2022.  Congressional investigation is what the Executive Branch repeatedly insists is necessary, because the Executive Branch repeatedly insists that January 6, 2022 events at the Capitol were an “insurrection”.

During the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on January 11, 2022, the Joe Biden Administration dropped a thousand nuclear bombs and a thousand tons of anthrax into the chasm between the rulers and the ruled.  The Joe Biden Administration unabashedly testified that it has the power and authority to “commit crimes of violence” and to “actively encourage and incite crimes of violence”, and to conceal those actions from the ruled.  That’s exactly what the testimony revealed.

On January 11, 2022, The Daily Wire published an article entitled “FBI Refuses To State That It Did Not Commit Crimes During Jan 6 Riot, Encourage Violence”.  It published the article on its website at

The Daily Wire article reports the testimony from the Joe Biden Administration at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.  The testimony could not possibly have been more clear or unequivocal: the rulers sincerely believe they have the unlimited, unquestionable power and authority of tsars and kings; the rulers sincerely believe they are not accountable to the ruled.

Only time will tell whether democracy will survive in America.

The main portion of The Daily Wire article is set forth below:

FBI Refuses To State That It Did Not Commit Crimes During Jan 6 Riot, Encourage Violence

By Daily Wire News • Jan 11, 2022   Daily

Jill Sanborn, FBI Executive Assistant Director, National Security Branch, refused to answer on Tuesday at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing whether FBI agents or confidential informants actively participated in the events of January 6, 2021, and whether they committed any crimes of violence or actively encouraged crimes of violence.

Sanborn was grilled by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on the matter and repeatedly stated that she could not answer the question because she could not “go into the specifics of sources and methods.”

The two had the following exchange:

CRUZ: I want to turn to the FBI. How many FBI agents or confidential informants actively participated in the events of January 6th?

SANBORN: Sir, I’m sure you can appreciate that I can’t go into the specifics of sources and methods.

CRUZ: Did any FBI agents or confidential informants actively participate in the events of January 6th? Yes or no?

SANBORN: Sir, I can’t. I can’t answer that.

CRUZ: Did any FBI agents or confidential informants commit crimes of violence on January 6th?

SANBORN: I can’t answer that, sir.

CRUZ: Did any FBI agents or FBI informants actively encourage and incite crimes of violence on January 6th?

SANBORN: Sir, I can’t answer that.

January 6th, the Reason Why

On January 6, 2021, a criminal event took place at the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Although nobody has been charged with sedition, some people describe it as an insurrection.  Some people describe it as being worse than Pearl Harbor.

On January 5, 2022, the Attorney General gave a speech about January 6th.  He said there are lots of citizens who are threatening violence against the government, media, and teachers.  He said the Department of Justice is engaged in the most massive enterprise in its history, to track down, arrest, and prosecute the angry citizens.

For a moment, let’s assume that everything the Attorney General said is true.  What does that mean?

Well, it means that lots of citizens are angry with the government, media, and teachers.  It’s that simple.

And why are there lots of angry citizens?  Well, because they hate what is being done to them by the government, media, and teachers.  It’s that simple.

The Attorney General made it clear.  There are not just a few angry citizens.  No.  There are lots of angry citizens.  And he’s going to hunt them down.  No matter what it takes.  That’s what he said.  And we’re assuming that everything he said is true.

So, on the anniversary of January 6th, this is what we know.  Government is going to use its limitless resources to hunt down, arrest, and prosecute every single citizen who expressed anger at our government, even if only verbally.  It’s not going to use its limitless resources to figure out why so many citizens are so angry.  It’s not going to make any effort to be self-aware.  It’s just going to lock up all the angry citizens.  After it censors them.  After it hands their right to vote over to people and corporations who donate millions of dollars to elect politicians, who return the favor by making the donors richer and more powerful.

Is it undemocratic to express anger at government, media, and teachers who teach our children that White babies and Black babies are different from the moment of birth?  That the proper way to judge people is by the color of their skin? That their parents will be hunted down by the FBI if they verbally express anger at school board meetings? The Attorney General says yes. And he will hunt down anyone who does it.

President Abraham Lincoln promised “government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.”  That was a long time ago.

Racial Equality, Religion, and Truth

Racial equality, religion, and truth matter.  They’re bigger than man.  They’re in every man’s heart and soul, always and forever.  Why are they being threatened?  By whom?

The sad truth is that we all are threatening them.  Some of us by design, and some of us by passive acquiescence.  Some of us in search of power and wealth, and some of us who search for nothing.

We cannot survive without them.  Not as a civilization.  Not individually.  Not any more than we can survive without food and water.  They are the nourishment of our soul.

Teaching that White babies are bad from birth eats at our soul.  As does excluding parents from the education of their children.  And forcing inner-city children to attend failed schools.  And designating an atheist to be an Ivy League university’s head chaplain (no kidding).  And killing babies as their heads begin to crown.

Judging people by the color of their skin blinds us to racial equality.  As does legislating in favor of one race over another.  And enforcing the law based on which race agrees with the law.  And removing our Founding Fathers, national birth date, national flag, and national anthem from our national history and culture in the name of racial equity.

Removing meanings from words makes truth unknowable.  Words such as news, social justice, gender identity, unity, social justice, journalism, racist, public servant, elite, one person one vote, campaign promise, and government of by and for the people.

Declaring that words don’t matter makes truth impossible.  When “I remember landing under sniper fire” proved to be untrue, and the former First Lady’s explanation was “I say a lot of things — millions of words a day — so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement”, she declared truth to be of little importance.  May truth rest in peace.

The government’s advocacy and legislation against the Catholic Church’s beliefs about abortion and the Sacrament of the Eucharist make the First Amendment’s promise of the free exercise of religion hollow.  And makes man hollow.

An America led by a President who can’t see past the color of a man’s skin makes racial equality impossible.  “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t Black”.  With Barak Obama, “you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean”.  KKK member Senator Robert Byrd was “one of my mentors”.

Issues higher than man are within everyone’s heart and soul, since the birth of man, always and forever.  Racial equality, religion, and truth are what man yearns for, are what nourish man, are what bless man’s life.  May those of us who live lives of passive acquiescence, who search for nothing, be blessed with something more, with something that lifts man above man.  May 2022 be the year it happens.

Merry Christmas

Loud, cheerful voices fill God’s church with praise and thanksgiving and love during Midnight Mass.  Awe and peace in the birth of the son of God fill every heart.  The Sacrament of the Eucharist fills every soul.

May it be that everyone soon hears the Word of the Lord and follows Him.

May everyone say, Amen.

America’s Caste System

On June 16, 1858, at the Republican State Convention in Illinois, Abraham Lincoln delivered his House Divided Speech: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  His message focused on the scourge of slavery, but the truth of his message is universal.

“Every kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste, and no town or house divided against itself will stand.”  [Matthew 12:25]

It’s 150 years after the Civil War, and America again is a house divided against itself.  Not because of the scourge of slavery, but the scourge of “class”.  It’s what divided and brought down the house just before the Russian Revolution and the French Revolution.  It’s what’s dividing and bringing down America’s house.  It’s America’s caste system.

So-called elites have nothing but scorn for so-called deplorables.  Deep, visceral, honest-to-goodness scorn for people who they genuinely believe they’re better than.

In April 2008, during his first presidential campaign, Barak Obama preached about Americans who he thinks are beneath his “class”: “And it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations”.

In September 2016, during her second presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton preached about Americans who she thinks are beneath her “class”: “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right?  The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it.  And unfortunately there are people like that.  And he has lifted them up.  He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people, now have 11 million.  He tweets and retweets offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric.  Now some of those folks, they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America.”

In December 2021, Bette Midler preached about Senator Joe Manchin (after he opposed a multi-trillion-dollar spending bill) and about the residents of his State of West Virginia, who she thinks are beneath her “class”: “What Joe Manchin, who represents a population smaller than Brooklyn, has done to the rest of America, who wants to move forward, not backward, like his state, is horrible.  He sold us out.  He wants us all to be just like his state, West Virginia.  Poor, illiterate and strung out.”

Society based on “class” is what led to the American Revolution.  It always leads to a house divided against itself that cannot stand.

May the clingers to religion, the deplorables and irredeemables, and the poor strung out illiterates be blessed with the courage and strength to bring America together.

Invisible Americans

100,000 illicit drug deaths in America each year.  Failed inner city public schools.

Not a peep from America’s rulers about this.  America’s rulers peep all day every day about other stuff: The other guy’s a bum, you can trust me, I’m going to do this for you, I’m going to give that to you, I promise.

As America’s rulers preach and promise all day every day, illicit drugs continue to kill and inner city public schools continue to fail.  Silently.

There’s a reason.  The victims of illicit drugs and inner city schools are invisible.  America’s rulers preach and promise to them before every election, and forget about them after every election.  America’s rulers don’t live in their world, don’t improve their lives, and don’t think their lives have any value other than as a source of votes at election time.

Needle exchanges.  Shooting galleries.  Tent cities strewn with drug paraphernalia.  Open borders for fentanyl from China.

Teacher unions, yes.  Charter schools, no.  Parents’ participation in public school curriculum, no.  Passing grades and diplomas that have no meaning, and lead to no opportunity for a meaningful job.

Election after election, year after year, decade after decade, promise after promise, ruler after ruler … the sideshow of politics grows richer and more powerful … the lives of the invisibles grow poorer and less powerful.

Few Americans trust or respect America’s rulers, yet almost all of America’s rulers get re-elected and re-elected.  How is this possible, if democracy truly exists?  If a representative government based on One Person One Vote truly exists?

Think about what America is and what it was, every time you drive through one of America’s inner cities, every time you vote, and every time you hear America’s rulers preach and promise.

Being invisible in the eyes of America’s rulers is just plain wrong.


When someone ridicules religion, what’s really going on?

Einstein said the widely accepted beliefs of Conservation Of Energy and Conservation Of Mass were wrong.  Galileo said the widely accepted accepted belief that the sun revolves around the earth was wrong.  Instead of ridiculing, Einstein and Galileo proved those beliefs to be wrong by using facts and reason.

Resorting to ridiculing is what people do when they have nothing valuable to offer.  Ridiculing replaces fact and reason.

Why ridicule any believer of anything instead of proving the believer is wrong?  Doesn’t resorting to ridiculing prove the believer is right?

Why ridicule religion instead of proving God doesn’t exist?  Doesn’t resorting to ridiculing prove God exists?

In 2021, an atheist was chosen to be the head chaplain at Harvard University.  Does an atheist chaplain pray?  If so, to whom?  If not, isn’t that the definition of a God complex?

The Theory Of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory are theories, which atheists insist we teach to our children in public school.  Atheists say religion is a theory, which they insist we don’t teach it to our children in public school.  Isn’t that indoctrination, not education?

Some people insist that we don’t teach religion to our children in public school.  Yet they eulogize themselves in grand religious ceremonies, in grand cathedrals, led by grandly robed clergy, on grand television broadcasts.  When our children reach adulthood, won’t they be confused by all that grand religion stuff?

Some people insist that everybody has the right to define “its” own “gender-identity”.  Yet they ridicule the Catholic Church for defining its own tenets and practices.  Why the difference?

If a person believes God doesn’t exist, why bother to ridicule religion?  Why not just ignore religion?  Has the person ever bothered to ridicule flat-Earthers?

Some people who claim to be religious rightfully are the subject of ridicule.  Shia and Sunni Moslems bomb each other’s mosques as their children pray within.  The Inquisition and pedophelia took innocent lives.  But those people are man, not religion.  Every religion preaches against all of that.  Why do atheists look to man instead of religion as the font of righteousness and truth?

May the day soon come when everyone is blessed with the courage and faith to believe in a higher authority.