White Supremacy

White Supremacy is a serious issue in America.  When the President says he refuses to nominate a White person to the Supreme Court, and when a former CIA Director says he’s “embarrassed” at being a White man, we know for sure that they believe White Supremacy is a serious issue.

Or do they?  Do they really believe it is a serious issue, or do they believe it is just a contrivance that rich and powerful people can use to become richer and more powerful?

Let’s compare what we hear them say to what we see them do.

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Stephen Colbert, Anderson Cooper … the list goes on.  We hear them say White Supremacy is a sinful scourge that requires reparations.  But we see them retain the riches and positions of power that they say they acquired from White Supremacy.  And we see them seek more riches and power.

We hear them say laws must be enacted to eradicate White Supremacy.  But we don’t see them enact laws that require institutions to have equitable representation by Black people.  Institutions such as seats in Congress, professional sports team ownership, movie producers, corporate boards … the list goes on.

We hear them preach sermons against White Supremacy.  But we see them give inner city Black children high school diplomas that have no meaning.  And we see them sit idly by as inner city Black people shoot inner city Black people on a daily basis.

We hear them call for an end to White Supremacy.  But we see them perpetuate White Supremacy by giving their wealth to their children when they die, instead of returning their wealth to the Black victims of White Supremacy when they die.

We hear them say racism is evil.  But we see them speak about Blacks as only a racist would: they all think alike, they all want the same thing … the list goes on.  And we saw Joe Biden tell a Black man that, if he didn’t vote for him to be President, he “ain’t Black”.

Will we ever see them return their riches and resign their positions of power, as reparations for the White Supremacy that they say made them rich and powerful?  Will we ever see them send their children to inner city public schools, to end the White Supremacy they pass on to their children?

Or will we continue to see them become richer and more powerful, as we continue to hear them say that everyone else should end White Supremacy and pay reparations?

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