Washington, D.C. Is Circling Its Wagons

Washington, D.C. is circling its wagons.

To protect itself from We the People on May 4, 1970, it deployed armed, uniformed Ohio National Guard troops to take care of a protest against the Vietnam War.  The Guardsmen marched onto the campus of Kent State University.  From afar, with bayonets affixed, the Guardsmen assassinated Allison Krause and Jeffrey Miller and Sandra Scheuer and  William Knox Schroeder, and shot other non-threatening unarmed children.

John Filo / Getty Images

To protect itself from We the People in January 2021, it deployed around the Capitol for months a seven-foot-high razor-wire-topped metal fence and 25,000 armed, uniformed National Guard troops.

Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times

To protect itself from We the People in April 2022, it deployed around the Supreme Court an eight-foot-high metal fence, and relocated a Supreme Court Justice from his suburban home to an undisclosed location.

Mariam Zuhaib / AP Photo

To protect itself from We the People in May 2022, it deployed armed troops around the suburban homes where Supreme Court Justices live.

Johannes Eisele / AFP via Getty Images

It supplements its tactical “circling of the wagons” events with an FBI task force that surveils parents who criticize school boards, a Disinformation Governance Board within the Department of Homeland Security, and coordinated efforts with big tech to censor speech by We the People.

It says it’s defending democracy against We the People.

Where have We the People, people throughout the world, people throughout history, heard that before?

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