Voices of our Soul

A tender hug.  A warm kiss.  A clear blue sky.  A waterfall.  An I love you.  A snow-capped mountain.  Endless plains.  Endless Oceans.  A smile.  The Grand Canyon.  A soft hand-in-hand.  Sunshine.  A playful puppy.  Springtime air.  Birth.

Wisdom.  Reverence.  Honor.  Truth.  Humility.  Authenticity.  Respect.  Civility.  Charity.  Tolerance.  Sacrifice.

Uplifting.  Spiritual.  Nourishing.  Abundant.  Possible.  Awesome.  Hopeful.  Inspirational.

Humanity.  Love.  Faith.  Belief.  Song.  Glory.  Prayer.

Peace.  Love.  Penitence.  Salvation.

God.  The Father.  The Almighty.  The Lord.

These are the voices of our soul.

The voices of serpents, sirens, and atheists sometimes seem louder.  Sometimes seem sensible.  Sometimes seem valuable.  And then we awake.  From the darkness.  And hear our soul again.  And are bathed in beauty.

We don’t need anyone to guide us.  We know.  We just know.

New Year 2022 is upon us.  Reflection and renewal are upon us.  Rebirth is upon us.  The voices of our soul are calling.

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