The promise of utopia is the promise of all things for all people.  In exchange for turning everything topsy turvy, everybody gets everything.  Throughout history, millions of people have found the promise irresistible, only to regret it when it was too late.

It’s difficult to resist the promise of everything for everybody.  Why should anybody have more money than anybody else?  Why should anybody have a nicer home or car than anybody else?  Historically, these questions have been asked by the “have-nots”, and have led to the topsy turvy upheaval of revolution by the “have nots”.

That was the past.  The present is the reverse.  Now the “haves” are asking the questions, and are promising utopia to the “have nots”, in exchange for upheaval by the “have-nots”.  What’s going on?

As they promise utopia to the “have nots”, none of the “haves” are giving up anything to the “have nots”.  The “haves” are not giving up any of their power or money.  The “haves'” grip on the nation’s power and money is increasing exponentially, as the power and money of the “have nots” is disappearing.  Really, what’s going on?

One of two things is true.  Either today’s “haves” are smarter than smart, or todays’ “have nots” are dumber than dumb.  Or maybe both are true.  As today’s “haves” shovel obscene amounts of power and money into their accounts, today’s “have nots” do the shoveling for them.  The “have nots” literally get themselves sweaty and dirty committing murder, arson, larceny, and all sorts of mayhem and civil disorder … in exchange for the promise of everything for everybody.

Will the “haves” keep their promise to the “have nots”?  Ha ha ha.  That’s a good one.  Just like promising to close Guantanamo to regain America’s moral stature in the world.

Being allowed to loot Macy’s and being allowed to occupy and rule over a portion of downtown Seattle is a far cry from receiving utopia.  May the day soon come when utopia-seekers build instead of destroy.

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