USA, Fractured

In the United States of America, “Humpty Dumpty” has become more a reality than a nursery rhyme.  “United” has become more a word than a reality.  “E pluribus unum”, the Latin motto on the Great Seal of the United States of America that means “Out of many, one”, has become more the basis of mob violence than the uniting of hands.

Can you remember one instance of national unity during the last four years?  Can you remember one day during the last four years, when you felt like you were living in a united country?

When was the last time you heard any television pundit say anything that made you feel united with everyone, instead of feeling “at war” with half of everyone?

Do Californians and New Yorkers feel united with Missourians and Alabamians, and vice versa?  What do the Petitions to Secede (in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina) say about unity?

Is unity the single most important thing that Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi want to achieve?  What about Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg?

As you obey the national lockdown, do you feel unity with the people who locked you down — i.e., the people who don’t wear a mask while sitting between friends at a baseball game, who fly on commercial aircraft to visit mom during Thanksgiving, and who wine and dine with friends without masks in pricey restaurants?

Do 25,000 of our military, armed with assault rifles, in the streets of our nation’s Capital, convey the feeling of unity?

Is terminating our President’s ability to talk to us on social media a pathway to unity?

Is shredding our President’s State of the Union Address, while sitting behind his back, for all the world to watch on television, a demonstration of unity?

If half our politicians spend all day every day calling the other half horrific names, are they sowing the seeds of unity?  What about if the Fourth Estate does it?

What if half our nation reveres our Founding Fathers, and the other half topples their statues and removes their names from our children’s schools?  Is that unity?

What if the state of our nation is such, that citizens are afraid to discuss politics with other citizens?  What if children call their parents Nazis?

How much unity can the USA tolerate, before it has “a great fall” and we can’t put it “together again”?

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