Tyranny, in the Blink of an Eye

History tells us about toppling tyrants.  All that’s been required is resolve.  Thirteen upstart colonies toppled the British Empire.

The frightful question is whether we recognize tyrants before it’s too late to topple them.  The answer had been yes.  Now the answer is uncertain.

Some of us don’t recognize tyrants because we are defocused by the art of Cardi B, the victimization of Meghan and Harry, and the wit and wisdom of Stephen Colbert.

Some of us don’t recognize tyrants because we are defocused by “free” stuff we get from them — internet access, social media, online news, and pundits who tell us all day every day what to think (so we don’t have to think).

Some of us thought the cost of free stuff peaked in 2020, when our nation’s streets were filled with murder and mayhem, and when part of Seattle was ceded to a band of unidentified angry armed people.  That was the year of the mostly peaceful protests.

We were surprised with additional costs in January 2021.  A 7-foot-high, razor-wire topped metal fence was deployed around our Capitol, and 25,000 armed National Guard troops were deployed on the streets of our nation’s capital.  President Biden and Congress said the fence and army were necessitated by reliable “intelligence” that We the People literally had a plan in place to kill them as part of an armed insurrection.

When our government deploys a barricade and an army to protect itself against us, do we have a government “of the people, by the people, for the people”?

We pay unconscionable costs.  Our Free Press and Free Speech are censored.  Our access to our Capitol is banned.  Our Fourth Estate is prohibited from investigating conditions on our southern border.  Trillions of our tax dollars are confiscated in less time than it takes to flush a penny down a toilet.  Our loved ones have been dying in Middle East wars for twenty years, as we wait to be “greeted as liberators”.  Our inner-city children are so poorly educated, that Apple invests much more money and hires many more people in China than in our inner cities.

Will we topple tyrants before it’s too late — not by force — but by turning a deaf ear to pundits, getting off social media, never voting for any politician who never accomplished anything other than winning elections, and voting-out-of-office every politician who becomes wealthy while holding elective office?

Or will we allow tyrants to impose additional costs — costs such as eliminating the presumption of innocence and the right to Due Process for people they don’t like.  A handful of people can do it all — in the blink of an eye.  And they’ve already begun.

What will history say about our resolve?

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