The Irony of Hate

In his post-World-War-II confessional titled “First they came for …”, a German Lutheran pastor named Martin Niemöller poignantly observed that, when good people don’t speak out against hate, there will be nobody left to speak out for them when hate knocks on their door.

On its website, the Daily Mail published an article titled “Palestinian immigrant owner of Minneapolis grocery chain slams cancel culture after he lost $5M in contracts and laid off 69 staff when BLM targeted him for his daughter’s racist teenage tweets”.  The article is dated June 9, 2021.  The URL where the article can be found is

The article is recent proof that Martin Niemöller should not be ignored.  It’s recent proof of the irony of hate.

At first blush, the title of the article tends to make readers feel sympathetic for a Palestinian immigrant from Kuwait named Majdi Wadi, who was victimized by Black Lives Matter.  Upon reading the article, however, questions arise (if the article is accurate):

  • Majdi’s daughter Lianne Wadi tweeted “Top 3 races you wish to eliminate.  Ready, go!  Jews, blacks, and the fats.”  Question: How is it that Majdi raised a daughter who hates Jews and Blacks?
  • Lianne joined Black Lives Matter.  The article doesn’t say Lianne participated in shooting retired police chief David Dorn, in burning a Minneapolis police station, or in throwing Molotov cocktails into police cars.  However, the article does say she flew BLM banners from Majdi’s stores, donated food supplies from Majdi’s stores to BLM, and joined BLM in their marches on the streets.  Question: How is it that Majdi raised a daughter who hates everyone BLM hates?
  • Question: Did Majdi really think that hate never would knock on the door of a Palestinian immigrant?

Martin Niemöller failed to help Majdi raise a daughter who does not hate.  May the irony of his failure be a lesson to every parent.

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