The Fraud of Diversity

626 students were in my high school graduating class.  My high school structured classes based on academic homogeneity.  I was fortunate enough to be in the advanced academic classes, along with another 25 students.  It mainly was due to gym class and the track team that I met my 600 other classmates.  My high school academic training was very good, so good that I was able to lazily coast through my Ivy League freshman year with top grades.  My gym class and track team experiences were very good, so good that I was able to meet and make friends with classmates of differing academic ability, race, and life goals.  I still remember my English teacher Mrs. McCutcheon, dedicated to teaching me how to think and how to strive.  I still remember my friend Rich, the track team’s star javelin thrower, a different-race classmate who had no hope or thought of attending college, trying to teach me to throw the javelin, and laughing along with me because the tail end of the javelin always hit me in the back of my head.  It was a time when merit and diversity both mattered more than diversity was shouted.  It was a time long ago.

Now loud voices shout diversity all day every day.  Demanding that Rich and all my diversity classmates who never hoped or thought about attending college be in my high school’s advanced academic classes (renamed, diversity academic classes).

The loud voices shout for diversity in the government, but the White President, House Speaker, and Senate Majority Leader all spent enormous time, effort, and money to grab and hold their seats of power instead of supporting any diversity person.

The loud voices proudly silence diversity in public opinion, saying it’s for our own good.

The loud voices scoff at gender diversity in the WNBA and racial diversity in the NBA.

The loud voices deny the possibility of birthright diversity, as they applaud mansions for Prince Harry and Prince Andrew but not for Canadian truckers.

The loud voices travel on their private jets and private yachts to meet with themselves, and to plot the course of the lives of everybody else.  They deny cultural diversity, by refusing to invite “deplorables” and people who “cling to religion”.

The loud voices shouting diversity are not truly shouting about diversity.  They’re just shouting.  Because shouting works well for them.  Because we are naive enough to think they’re hypocrites or stupid.  But they’re not hypocrites or stupid.  They fraudulently shout diversity for their concealed purpose of taking away our wealth and power and giving it to themselves.  The facts prove that their fraud works well for them.  Their wealth and power is increasing as ours is decreasing.

As for public schools, jobs, and crime in the diversity communities that the loud voices shout about and control, but do not live in, …

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