The End Justifies The Means

The United States of America is broken.  Universal agreement on this fact is the only thing that unites America.  Whether the pieces can be put back together again is a question for another time.  The question for now is this: Why is America broken?

Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and President Joe Biden have goals.  Constitutionalists, evangelicals, and President Donald J. Trump have different goals.  But different goals are not what broke America.

What broke America is people pursuing their goals by any means necessary.

They shredded not only the State of the Union Address, but the Bill of Rights too.  They elevated murder and mayhem to be the natural order. They eliminated the National Anthem, the American Flag, the Founding Fathers, July 4, 1776, Due Process, Equal Protection, and the Dream that one day we will be judged by the content of our character rather than the color of our skin.

They declared their opinions to be fact, and declared that expressing different facts justifies being cancelled.

They are the descendants of those who put Galileo under house arrest for life, for not following the science.

But they are sincere.

They sincerely believe they have the right to tell the Catholic Church what to believe, and to teach America’s children that Whites are born bad.  They sincerely believe they have the right to compel everyone to wear face masks during the coronavirus pandemic, everyone other than themselves.

They sincerely believe in Bill Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Jeffrey Epstein, Ted Kennedy, and Harvey Weinstein.  They sincerely believe Cardi B’s “WAP” is art, Kevin Clinesmith does not belong in jail, and Hunter Biden is entitled to a free pass.

They sincerely believe their goals justify their hypocrisy, criminality, and immorality.

“The End Justifies The Means” broke America.

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