The Cloning of America

We delight at the thought of snowflakes being unique.  But those in power tremble at the thought of people being unique.  To them, utopia is a nation of clones.  They salivate at the thought of every voter believing exactly the same about everything, exactly as told, without daring to question anything.  They dedicate incalculable amounts of money and effort to achieve their goal.

All day every day they tell us what words we cannot use, what books we cannot read, and what opinions we cannot express about science or history or sociology or politics.  Those of us who don’t smile with approval pay dearly.

All day every day they tell us America is a nation of Blacks, White men, and women.  Those of us who express the belief that America is a nation of people pay dearly.

All day every day they deny the existence of countless Americans: conservative Black corporate executives, poor powerless White men, and pro-life women who want to raise their own children.  During his campaign for President in 2020, America’s President told a Black man that, if the Black man didn’t vote for him, “he ain’t Black”.

They compel us to attend race-based indoctrination programs at work.  Those of us who are not fond of compulsory indoctrination pay dearly.

On a major television “news” outlet, a former CIA Director recently told us he’s “embarrassed” at being a White man.  What does that even mean?

Now they’re stepping up their game.  They’re cloning us with their version of family values — a version that omits “motherhood”.  In 2021, a Resolution was introduced in the House of Representatives to delete “mother” and “father” in favor of “gender-inclusive language”.  Will Mothers Day and Fathers Day be united as Parents Day, with girly and manly gifts being illegal?

What highly-paid, charismatic, oh-so-informative television “news” anchors aren’t mentioning very much, if at all, is this.  They’re cloning our children with their version of family values about sex, beginning when our children enter kindergarten.  No kidding!

The New York Post published an article on its website at  The article is titled “NY lawmaker wants sex ed for kindergartners” and is dated March 6, 2021.  The article refers to a publication titled “National Education Standards, Core Content and Skills, Second Edition”.  Both publications can be found on the internet.  Anyone who fails to read both publications will not fully appreciate the extent to which those in power will go, in order to clone America.

Only those who have been cloned, don’t tremble at the cloning of America.

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