The Choice America Must Make

Across America, district attorneys declare that they will not prosecute violations of laws that they unilaterally declare to be unworthy of prosecution.  Some of those laws prohibit burning police stations and courthouses, burning and looting private businesses, forcefully occupying portions of cities, assaulting police, and illicit drug use and defecation in public.

The declaration that unilaterally-selected laws will not be enforced is not limited to district attorneys.  Governors and mayors declare states and cities to be sanctuaries, free of federal immigration law.  The President declares immigration law to be unworthy of enforcement.  Government tells mobs to physically assault political opponents.  Government tells police to stand down — to let rioters be rioters.

Congress and state legislatures write the laws.  Governors and mayors and the President enforce the laws.  That’s the way it used to be.  That’s not the way it is now.  If you think I’m wrong, try this.  As a crowd of mostly peaceful protesters approaches, peacefully waive an American flag and say “I love America”.  Or, as you watch mostly peaceful protestors burn local businesses, ask yourself why the police are standing next to you and watching too.

Rioters rule.  Crimes are not crimes.  Government encourages lawlessness.  We live in a state of anarchy.

Some people believe that the advocates of lawlessness are advocating justice.  Other people don’t believe that for an instant.  It doesn’t matter which is true.  The simple truth is that they are advocating lawlessness.  Proudly so.

Where will this lead?  We don’t know.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.  So, board up your windows, wear a bullet proof vest, stay out of the subway, keep your opinions to yourself, don’t read the wrong kind of books, tell your children that their teachers know what’s best for them, give your ballot to any ballot harvester who knocks on your door, prioritize illegal aliens over citizens, don’t read or watch the wrong kind of news, demonize our Founding Fathers, unlearn Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech, and contribute to Maxine Waters.  Or else.

Or, alternatively, read our Declaration of Independence — be inspired by it.

This is the choice America must make.

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