Joe Biden, The Manchurian Candidate

The Manchurian Candidate is a 1962 movie starring Frank Sinatra. It is about a Communist Chinese “sleeper agent” planted in our country during the Cold War, to get elected President, so the Chinese Community Party could control our country.  The movie was re-made in 2004 starring Denzel Washington.  The movie is chilling.  The movie became more chilling in 2018, when we learned that Senator Diane Feinstein (Vice Chair of Senate Intelligence Committee and member of Senate Judiciary Committee) had a Chinese spy on her staff for two decades.

Today, some of us wonder whether Joe Biden is the sleeper agent of 2020.  A treasure trove of undisputed evidence indicates he might be.  While he was Vice President, China took our industries, trade, and jobs.  He repeatedly flew with his son Hunter to China on Air Force 2, to collect a $1+ billion windfall in exchange for explicit influence peddling.  A treasure trove of documents has surfaced to prove all this, and it’s entirely undisputed by Joe and Hunter Biden.

Some of us don’t worry about Joe Biden being a sleeper agent, but do worry about his being easily blackmailed.  The treasure trove of documents about Joe and Hunter Biden collecting $3+ million from the wife of the former Mayor of Moscow, tens of millions of dollars from corrupt Ukraine oligarchs, $1+ billion from Communist-affiliated Chinese nationals is devastating — as is Vice President Joe Biden withholding $1 billion of US aid to Ukraine to get a Ukraine corruption prosecutor fired.  Pictures of Hunter Biden & cocaine & a sex romp are devastating.  Why?  Simple.  What if Joe Biden were President?  What if President Joe Biden were blackmailed by the bad guys around the world who have the evidence (photos, cancelled checks, contracts, videos, photo ops with Vice President Joe Biden)?  The bad guys around the world would own America.

Some of us don’t worry about Joe Biden being a sleeper agent and don’t worry about his being blackmailed, but do worry about his ability to make good decisions.  What good decision-maker engages in all this bad behavior, fails to successfully cover it up, fails to deny any of it when the evidence surfaces, and continues to preach that he is honest and moral?  Is that the kind of decision-maker who is best able to be the leader of the free world, uphold the Constitution, and be a role model for our children?

When NBC news anchor Savannah Guthrie asked Joe Biden about the documentary evidence that surfaced, he did not deny any of it.  Instead, he denigrated her with “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”  Is that really the best he’s got?  Is that really the best we voters deserve?

Please, Joe Biden … please explain why the apparently devastating evidence against your son and you is not true … or please withdraw from the Presidential campaign and allow America to move forward in peace.

On Election Day 2020, may we all remember the patriotic passion of Frank Sinatra and Denzel Washington that saved America from The Manchurian Candidate.