Government Takes, It Does Not Give

Nothing is free — certainly not government.

According to one website (yes, internet research is questionable), America’s federal government spends $1 million every minute.  States, counties, municipalities, and public schools add to that.

The money comes from us.  Our payments are not voluntary.  Government takes our money by threat of incarceration, property confiscation, and wage garnishment.  We have no choice — we have to pay for their private jets — we have to pay for their occupation of Iraq.

Government is a necessary evil.  Certainly government is necessary — think about what the lack of government looked like in the government-free zone that Seattle ceded to Black Lives Matter.  Certainly government is evil — think about the distrust, disdain, and venom with which our government leaders clobber each other non-stop.

So, how do we balance the two sides of this coin — necessity and evil?  Well, first we must ask ourselves a question.  What does government do for us?  The answer is easy.  Nothing!  Seriously, the answer is nothing.

Government disagrees.  It says it provides us with military protection, poverty relief, and education, just to name a few “benefits”.  Balderdash!  We provide ourselves with all those “benefits”, and with every “benefit”.  Government merely is the mechanism we use to provide ourselves with our “benefits”.  Government takes seemingly limitless sums of money from us, then government takes its cut so it can maintain itself in the standard of living it deems appropriate, and then government spends what’s left to pay for the “benefits” that we bought for ourselves with our own money.

We can debate ad nauseam about whether government takes too large a cut, or whether government spends our money wisely.  However, there can be no good faith debate about where the money comes from.  The money, all the money, comes from us.

Government is our beneficiary, not vice versa.

Which leaves us with the question that matters most.  Why do we let government govern us?  We should govern government.  It’s our money!  The money should be for us to give, not for government to take.

The next time government tells you that we should spend $1+ trillion on anything, call your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, and ask them if they can afford it.