Say “Uncle”

My wife had been taking a medication for years, for a chronic health problem.  The medication was sold by prescription as a pill, and as a lower-dosage component in over-the-counter pills.  In the Spring of 2020, the medication became unavailable in any form.  Every doctor and pharmacist provided the same explanation — the medication comes from China, and the supply has dried up.  Many, if not most, of America’s medications come from China.

The Detroit News published the November 8, 2020 article “Opinion: China controls rare minerals America needs for the future” by John Adams, U.S. Army brigadier general (retired).  General Adams wrote “The key industries expected to lead global innovation — everything from robotics and 5G networks to solar panels and electric vehicles — will require a wide array of minerals and rare earth metals.  However, China has already become the world’s dominant supplier for many of these critical resources … the United States has become import-reliant for nearly 50 minerals and metals, including 18 for which our nation is completely dependent on overseas producers.”

America’s national debt exceeds $20 trillion.  China owns more than 15% of the debt, including more than $1 trillion of U.S. Treasury notes and bonds.

America’s annual balance of trade deficit with China exceeds $350 billion.

China has far weaker labor protections than America, for prison, child, and other workers.  Apple and Nike give much higher priority to jobs for China’s unskilled workers than for America’s inner-city unskilled workers.

The Fourth Estate and Big Tech buried the news about Hunter Biden flying with his father on Air Force 2 to China, and returning with $1 billion.  They cancelled the New York Post when it reported the news.

China’s spies have rooted themselves with America’s Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein and America’s House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee member Eric Swalwell.

China’s spies have infiltrated America’s universities — Harvard, University of Kansas, University of California, Illinois Institute of Technology, and University of Texas.

China’s Tiananmen Square was occupied by armed military with tanks.  America’s Capitol was occupied by 25,000 uniformed military armed with assault rifles, and is surrounded by a 7-foot-high, razor-wire-topped, metal fence.

China gave the world COVID-19, and its economy rebounded.  The world’s economy flailed, the world was locked in their homes, and a hundred million people died.

The NBA, Disney, Biden, Big Tech, Congress … they all said “Uncle”.

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