Republicans Are Amateurs, Democrats Are Pros

All day every day, seemingly since the beginning of time, Lindsey Graham makes his way into our homes through television, and tells us this and tells us that.  He has the goods on those no good, dirty, lying Democrats.  He will subpoena them.  He will expose them.  He will put them in jail.

Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, and Ron Johnson spend countless hours on television telling us the same.  Reassuring us that truth, justice, and the American way are just around the corner.

John Solomon, Sean Hannity, and Maria Bartiromo carefully and convincingly analyze and explain every detail of every detail, in real time, all day every day.  Their intelligence and insights keep our eyes on the ball — the ball they play with.

Bill Barr promises justice for all, and appoints John Durham as special counsel.  The universally heralded truth-seeker, from whose clutches of righteousness no bad guy can escape.  We await his report.

Blah, blah, blah.

As Republicans tell us what Democrats do, Democrats do.

As Republicans tell us what they will do, Democrats do.

As Republicans tell us they will preserve America, Democrats are changing America’s voting system, First Amendment, Supreme Court, public schools, history, and culture.

The day is approaching when the last Republican will write an irrefutable documented history about everything Democrats did.  Who will be allowed to read it?

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