When someone ridicules religion, what’s really going on?

Einstein said the widely accepted beliefs of Conservation Of Energy and Conservation Of Mass were wrong.  Galileo said the widely accepted accepted belief that the sun revolves around the earth was wrong.  Instead of ridiculing, Einstein and Galileo proved those beliefs to be wrong by using facts and reason.

Resorting to ridiculing is what people do when they have nothing valuable to offer.  Ridiculing replaces fact and reason.

Why ridicule any believer of anything instead of proving the believer is wrong?  Doesn’t resorting to ridiculing prove the believer is right?

Why ridicule religion instead of proving God doesn’t exist?  Doesn’t resorting to ridiculing prove God exists?

In 2021, an atheist was chosen to be the head chaplain at Harvard University.  Does an atheist chaplain pray?  If so, to whom?  If not, isn’t that the definition of a God complex?

The Theory Of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory are theories, which atheists insist we teach to our children in public school.  Atheists say religion is a theory, which they insist we don’t teach it to our children in public school.  Isn’t that indoctrination, not education?

Some people insist that we don’t teach religion to our children in public school.  Yet they eulogize themselves in grand religious ceremonies, in grand cathedrals, led by grandly robed clergy, on grand television broadcasts.  When our children reach adulthood, won’t they be confused by all that grand religion stuff?

Some people insist that everybody has the right to define “its” own “gender-identity”.  Yet they ridicule the Catholic Church for defining its own tenets and practices.  Why the difference?

If a person believes God doesn’t exist, why bother to ridicule religion?  Why not just ignore religion?  Has the person ever bothered to ridicule flat-Earthers?

Some people who claim to be religious rightfully are the subject of ridicule.  Shia and Sunni Moslems bomb each other’s mosques as their children pray within.  The Inquisition and pedophelia took innocent lives.  But those people are man, not religion.  Every religion preaches against all of that.  Why do atheists look to man instead of religion as the font of righteousness and truth?

May the day soon come when everyone is blessed with the courage and faith to believe in a higher authority.

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