Re-Elect President Donald J. Trump

America is diving down a rabbit hole faster than fast.  It’s deteriorating.  it’s darkening.  It’s dividing.  It’s disappearing before our very eyes.  We’re suffering.  In many ways.  We’re losing our sense of unity, equality, nationality, civility … and, not at all the least, we’re losing our sense of humor.  We need a good laugh.

We can get our funny bone back.  Here’s how.  We can re-elect President Donald J. Trump in 2024.

Democrat Senators and Congressmen will object to Trump’s Electors at the counting of Electoral Votes.

Democrats, Big Media, and Big Tech will condemn the election as Russia Collusion, every one of them using the same exact words and phrases.

They will claim that voter id laws made it impossible for Democrats (and only Democrats) to figure out how to vote.

They will claim that the vote-counting procedures they extolled in 2020 actually are fraudulent.

They will claim Jim Crow laws prohibit non-citizens from exercising their right to vote.

“Re-elect President Trump, and laugh yourself silly!”  Now, that’s a campaign slogan!

Put down your Tsingtao beer.  Imagine Adam Schiff promising he has proof that shows President Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election.  Imagine Peter Strzok and Lisa Page getting out of bed and working on an insurance policy against President Trump.  Imagine The Washington Post‘s front page headline: “The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun”.

It will be a cornucopia of comedy for Lenny Bruce and George Carlin.  We will get our giggles back.  We will laugh, all of us, together.

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