Re-Educating Our Children

My teachers taught me that our Founding Fathers deserve to be revered, the nuclear family of one man and one woman with children born in wedlock is the bedrock of civilized society, and God is the source of morality.  I believed my teachers.  Why wouldn’t I?  They were my teachers.

My children’s teachers taught them the same.  That made sense to me.  Why wouldn’t it?

Now I’m confused.  Astonishingly so.  Now teachers teach that the Father of our County was a racist, and his portraits and statues must be removed from view.  Now teachers teach there’s no such thing as a definition of gender, and “men” and “women” are words that must be forbidden.  Now teachers teach that God is just another word for Nature, apparently not believing or not being familiar with the first sentence in the Bible.

My children’s and my teachers denied us a proper education.  They indoctrinated us with tomfoolery.  Worse, with heresy.

I struggle without success, trying to figure out the answers to these questions.  Why aren’t yesterday’s teachers in jail, for poisoning the minds of so many generations of children?  Why aren’t yesterday’s teachers financially liable for the cost of our nation’s ongoing re-education of our millions of wrong-headed citizens?

These questions are not trivial.  Answering them is not a nicety, it’s a necessity.  We need answers.  How else will we know what to do a hundred years from now, when we’re taught that today’s teachers are teaching tomfoolery and heresy?

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