Questions for Joe Biden about Afghanistan

When you said you have not heard of any criticism from America’s allies, were you being serious or were you trying to be funny?

When you said the events on the ground were proceeding as you planned, were you being serious or were you trying to be funny?

Do you think any of the following events were caused by America’s unconditional surrender to the Taliban, leaving behind hostages and intelligence and weapons?

  • Palestinians in Gaza throwing explosives across the border at Israelis
  • Cyberattack breach against America’s of Department of State
  • Cyberattack breach against America’s Department of Defense
  • Shipment of oil by Iran to Lebanon, contrary to existing sanctions against Iran
  • Statements by political leaders in Great Britain and France, denouncing America and America’s President in the strongest possible language
  • Members of NATO declaring the demise of NATO
  • America’s Department of Homeland Security increasing the Homeland Threat Assessment

America’s retreat from Vietnam was a retreat from a nation that wanted to be left alone.  After America’s surrender, Vietnam became America’s largest trade-partner in Southeast Asia.  American businesses invest in Vietnam.  American tourists vacation in Vietnam.

America’s retreat from Afghanistan is existentially different.  it is an unconditional retreat from a jihad that wants to destroy America — a jihad made exquisitely clear on September 11, 2001.  It is an unconditional-surrender retreat that announces to the world that America cannot be trusted to keep its promises, disdains its allies, and is willing to sacrifice its citizens and intelligence and weapons in exchange for nothing.

What does Joe Biden think the Taliban will do next?  What does he think its end-game goals are?  Does he think?  Can he think?

What are China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel thinking?

Joe Biden said he will bring tens of thousands of Afghan refugees to America “because that’s who we are … it exemplifies the best of America”.  Really?  That’s not what he said to the Cuban refugees who he forces back to Cuba.

“Really?” is the only rational response to anything and everything that Joe Biden says and does.  But, we should not laugh.  It’s not funny.  We should pray for him, and we should pray for ourselves.  He needs God’s help.  We need God’s help.  Really!

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