Queen Elizabeth: A White Supremacist To Be Honored

“Her Majesty The Queen: A Gayle King Special” — it’s the highly-advertised CBS News special, honoring the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Imagine that, an un-elected monarch, filthy rich and supremely powerful for 70 years.  All that, merely by being born with White skin and the genes of Anglo-Saxon “royalty”.

Wealth and power paid for by taking money from the people she rules … Blacks, Muslims, slaves in conquered nations, coal miners, janitors.  She has to take a lot of money from a lot of people to support her castles and private jets and entourage.  Her police protection doesn’t come cheap, and never will be defunded.

CBS and Gayle King are working hard to sell us on the wonder of the world’s most famous White Supremacist.  Yes.  CBS and Gayle King.  No kidding.

John Brennan admitted he’s embarrassed to be a White man.  But Queen Elizabeth never admitted any such thing.  Her nose is raised high above any thought of equity.  Equity?  What’s that?

But, we should not be surprised that CBS and Gayle King are lavishly honoring a proud White Supremacist.  They only crucify certain White Supremacists …  you know, Deplorables and people who cling to their religion.

In their personal lives, CBS and Gayle King hob nob with lots of White Supremacists, at Davos and Cannes and Martha’s Vineyard.  You know … wealthy and powerful people who somehow manage to not hand over their wealth and power to the homeless and downtrodden.  Who somehow manage to pass their wealth and power to their offspring … you know, the right kind of people with White skin.

Sure, Gayle King is Black.  But, here’s a question.  Is there any difference between the right kind of person who’s White and the right kind of person who’s Black?  And here’s another question.  How many people who are the right kind of people, whether White or Black, hand over their wealth and power to further their deeply personal passionate revolutionary cause of undoing White Supremacy?

How easy it would be for Queen Elizabeth to give one of her castles to her Master Of The Horse or any one of her other thousand servants, or for Joe Biden to give one of his homes to a migrant family of color from south of the border.  But, c’mon man … that’s not happening.  White Supremacy ain’t all that bad.

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