Pinocchio for President

What is the #1 quality that we want in a President?  That’s easy.  It’s the ability to make us Feel Good.

George H. W. Bush promised “a thousand points of light”.  Barak Obama promised to “regain America’s moral stature” by closing Guantanamo.  Joe Biden promises to ban fracking and to not ban fracking — Feel Good for everyone.

If placed side by side, the Feel-Good grins of Barak Obama and Joe Biden would circumnavigate the earth.

Feel Good is our national anthem.  We buy Cardi B.’s WAP and Gwyneth Paltrow’sThis Smells Like My Vagina candle.  We lionize Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton.  We give Academy Awards to Roman Polanski and Mel Gibson.

Why do we Feel Good when high school dropout Robert De Niro screams “Fuck Trump”?  Why does any of this make us Feel Good?

Why isn’t Honesty the #1 quality that we want in a President?  Why isn’t it “No Ties To The Swamp”?

Why do Joe Biden’s promises to do this and that make us Feel Good, when we know he didn’t do any of it for 47 years?  That’s easy.  It’s because promises make us Feel Good.  And he knows it.

Doesn’t the mere promise of your upcoming vacation make you Feel Good?

Pinocchio was just like us.  The promise of Pleasure Island made him Feel Good.  But his time there, with the help of his Jiminy Cricket conscience, turned him from a puppet to a real person.

On Election Day 2020, may we all prove that Honesty and No Ties To The Swamp are most important to us.  May we all prove to be real people rather than puppets.

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