Purple People Eater

“A one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater” … Sheb Wooley’s 1958 #1 song The Purple People Eater suddenly was on my favorite station.  Wow!  It’s terrific.  So much fun!  I called my daughter to come listen, and she immediately fell in love with it.  She downloaded it and played it over and over, non-stop, day after day, obsessed with it.  Understandably so.  Why not?  After all … the purple people eater was “Playin’ rock and roll music through the horn in his head” … how great was that!

My daughter’s obsession grew and grew.  She imagined herself friends with the purple people eater.  They played together every day after school.  They talked together through dinner.  Eventually, I became concerned.  Wasn’t it enough already?

Then the unimaginable happened.  When I picked her up after school one afternoon, she came out looking like a purple people eater.  When I checked, I realized it wasn’t a costume.  No, she actually had been physically transformed into a purple people eater by the school’s medical staff, using surgery and hormone treatment.  What?!?  I took her hand and ran with her back into the school to find the principal.  When I found him, I asked him What in the world did you do?!?  He looked confused.  What do you mean?  Why are you upset.  All we did was what your daughter told us to do.  We had to.  It’s her body, her choice.  She said she identified as a purple people eater, and remaining in the body of a human girl made her feel very very upset.  I was flabbergasted, and told the principle he should have called me because I’m the Mother.  Again he look confused.  Now now, he said, there’s no cause for you to use such a vulgar word as Mother … and, as you know, I’m the child’s parent during school hours, not you.  When I started to give the principle a piece of my mind, two armed FBI agents who were hiding behind a pillar jumped out, put me in handcuffs and leg irons, taped my mouth shut, put a black hood over my head, and hauled me off to who knows where.  I was indicted and convicted of domestic terrorism, and was incarcerated.  I would seek legal assistance, but I’m not allowed to speak with a lawyer.

I don’t know how long I’ve been in custody, because I don’t have a window and cannot see the sun or the moon … I don’t know what day it is.  But I’m not as upset as you might think … I’m sustained by the blessing of my child having become a purple people eater, instead of having become a racist, misogynistic, Nazi, White supremacist man.  A White man, that would have been an unbearable outcome!  Thanks be to God.

Oh oh.  They heard me say “God”.  They just cut out my tongue.  AAARRRGGGHHH!

Global Warming

Global warming is an existential threat.  But, wait a minute.  Not THAT global warming.  Not the global warming that has to do with the ozone layer.  The other global warming.  The global warming that has to do with man’s inhumanity to man.

Man’s inhumanity to man always is present.  It’s the nature of man.  But, when it festers, it threatens the survival of man.

We don’t have a man-made thermometer that measures when it festers.  We have something better.  We have our inner sense.  We have the innate ability to know when it festers.  And it is festering right now.  We know it.

We look around the world, and we see things previously unthinkable.  Six million people killed by a man-made virus, and world leaders don’t want to know why.  Unprovoked war and war crimes in Europe, and world leaders continue with business as usual.

We look inside ourselves, and we see things previously unthinkable.  Distrust of government is a big yawn.  Burning down cities and shooting cops is too.

If enough heat is pumped into society, society eventually explodes.  We know this is true, because we’ve seen it happen time and again … revolutions, wars, and genocides.  Who’s generating the heat, and why?  Who’s causing the global warming, and why?

The loud voices with the bully pulpits who shout vile names all day every day say the cause of the global warming is people they don’t like.  What are we to do?  What can we do, to save civil society?

Albert Einstein explained that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Why do we reliably re-elect the same loud voices?  Why do we reliably listen to the same loud voices?  Do we really expect different results from them?  Are we insane?

Imagine a government filled with new faces, faces who never saw the inner workings of government.  Imagine a media filled with new faces, faces who never read from a teleprompter.  Imagine a national dialogue in which vile name-calling was not the order of the day.

Imagine the hot air being removed from the United States of America, and unity being the order of the day.  Imagine the end of the global warming that’s the most imminent existential threat.


The promise of utopia is the promise of all things for all people.  In exchange for turning everything topsy turvy, everybody gets everything.  Throughout history, millions of people have found the promise irresistible, only to regret it when it was too late.

It’s difficult to resist the promise of everything for everybody.  Why should anybody have more money than anybody else?  Why should anybody have a nicer home or car than anybody else?  Historically, these questions have been asked by the “have-nots”, and have led to the topsy turvy upheaval of revolution by the “have nots”.

That was the past.  The present is the reverse.  Now the “haves” are asking the questions, and are promising utopia to the “have nots”, in exchange for upheaval by the “have-nots”.  What’s going on?

As they promise utopia to the “have nots”, none of the “haves” are giving up anything to the “have nots”.  The “haves” are not giving up any of their power or money.  The “haves'” grip on the nation’s power and money is increasing exponentially, as the power and money of the “have nots” is disappearing.  Really, what’s going on?

One of two things is true.  Either today’s “haves” are smarter than smart, or todays’ “have nots” are dumber than dumb.  Or maybe both are true.  As today’s “haves” shovel obscene amounts of power and money into their accounts, today’s “have nots” do the shoveling for them.  The “have nots” literally get themselves sweaty and dirty committing murder, arson, larceny, and all sorts of mayhem and civil disorder … in exchange for the promise of everything for everybody.

Will the “haves” keep their promise to the “have nots”?  Ha ha ha.  That’s a good one.  Just like promising to close Guantanamo to regain America’s moral stature in the world.

Being allowed to loot Macy’s and being allowed to occupy and rule over a portion of downtown Seattle is a far cry from receiving utopia.  May the day soon come when utopia-seekers build instead of destroy.


Every event and non-event at every instant in time will become history.  What will history say about you, what you do and don’t do?

Sociopaths don’t understand this question.  They never think about what anybody says about them.  It gets in the way of doing whatever they want to do. That’s Politics 101, first semester, first class, first lesson.

Anyone unsure should think about this.  Why did Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden select bottom-of-the-barrel losing presidential candidate Kamala Harris to be his running mate, after the voters in their own Party refused to give her even one single delegate?  Didn’t he care what his constituency thought about him and his selection?

Of course he didn’t care.  There’s no other explanation.  And he works diligently to prove his sociopathy over and over.

But this is not about Joe Biden, it’s about sociopaths.  Politicians and non-politicians.

It’s about no consequences for your actions.

It’s about no values.

It’s about the authority of man***, with belief in a higher authority being mocked as a neurological disorder.

It’s about tomorrow’s historians, writing about today.

Tomorrow’s historians would be well-served by the team of George Carlin and Lenny Bruce.  Try to imagine what they would say.  We can’t.  We’re not smart enough, not funny enough, too close to see it for what it really is.  But, let’s try …

Why do people who make laws get to say which laws have to be obeyed?  Through what hole does a man’s baby leave his body?  Is Patrisse Cullors or Clarence Thomas more authentically Black?  How did campaign contributions to a Senator get to be less criminal than bribes to a building inspector?  When you use lies and false campaign promises to deceive people out of their precious votes, isn’t that treason?

What will historians have to say?  It’ll be hilarious.


*** Man means he, she, it, and/or every other conceivable permutation, on a fluid basis.

United States

Can you feel it in the air?  The coming apart of a nation?  The end of unity in the United States?  Today, what’s united, who’s united, in the United States?

E Pluribus Unum.  In God We Trust.  National Anthem.  Pledge Allegiance To The Flag.  Fourth Of July.  Founding Fathers.  Constitution.  Bill Of Rights.  Today, loud voices from bully pulpits call it racism and institutional White supremacy.

Work across the aisle.  Civil discourse.  Today, What’s that?

The Capitol surrounded for months by a seven-foot-high metal razor-wire-topped fence and twenty-five thousand uniformed armed military.  The Supreme Court surrounded by an eight-foot-high metal fence.  Unity, à la King George III?

People who attend multi-thousand-dollar per-plate dinners turn a blind eye to food for babies running out.

People who send their children to private schools turn a blind eye to inner-city high school diplomas that have no meaning, and refuse to let inner-city parents send their children to charter schools.

People with armed bodyguards turn a blind eye to thousands of people being shot each year, and defund their police protection.

People with private jets, yachts, and multiple homes turn a blind eye to the fact that they live on the same planet as people who they criticize for driving gas-guzzler cars.

Rulers who don’t wear coronavirus face masks when they don’t feel like it, arrest and terminate the employment of people who don’t wear coronavirus face masks all day every day.

People who hold the Fourth Amendment dear are spied on by people who don’t.

People who believe the Catholic Church has the right to define its own theology are excoriated by people who don’t.

People who claim that Roe v. Wade protects a woman’s unrestricted constitutional right to abortion up to the instant of birth call people who disagree every venomous name in the book, even though Roe v. Wade says the opposite of what they claim.

Unity?  No.  Divisiveness, hostility, venom, scorn, derision, and hate.

Deplorables and elites.  No social compact.  No civil society.  No united United States.  Until we meet again.

Queen Elizabeth: A White Supremacist To Be Honored

“Her Majesty The Queen: A Gayle King Special” — it’s the highly-advertised CBS News special, honoring the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Imagine that, an un-elected monarch, filthy rich and supremely powerful for 70 years.  All that, merely by being born with White skin and the genes of Anglo-Saxon “royalty”.

Wealth and power paid for by taking money from the people she rules … Blacks, Muslims, slaves in conquered nations, coal miners, janitors.  She has to take a lot of money from a lot of people to support her castles and private jets and entourage.  Her police protection doesn’t come cheap, and never will be defunded.

CBS and Gayle King are working hard to sell us on the wonder of the world’s most famous White Supremacist.  Yes.  CBS and Gayle King.  No kidding.

John Brennan admitted he’s embarrassed to be a White man.  But Queen Elizabeth never admitted any such thing.  Her nose is raised high above any thought of equity.  Equity?  What’s that?

But, we should not be surprised that CBS and Gayle King are lavishly honoring a proud White Supremacist.  They only crucify certain White Supremacists …  you know, Deplorables and people who cling to their religion.

In their personal lives, CBS and Gayle King hob nob with lots of White Supremacists, at Davos and Cannes and Martha’s Vineyard.  You know … wealthy and powerful people who somehow manage to not hand over their wealth and power to the homeless and downtrodden.  Who somehow manage to pass their wealth and power to their offspring … you know, the right kind of people with White skin.

Sure, Gayle King is Black.  But, here’s a question.  Is there any difference between the right kind of person who’s White and the right kind of person who’s Black?  And here’s another question.  How many people who are the right kind of people, whether White or Black, hand over their wealth and power to further their deeply personal passionate revolutionary cause of undoing White Supremacy?

How easy it would be for Queen Elizabeth to give one of her castles to her Master Of The Horse or any one of her other thousand servants, or for Joe Biden to give one of his homes to a migrant family of color from south of the border.  But, c’mon man … that’s not happening.  White Supremacy ain’t all that bad.

Ivy League

The Ivy League leads the way, but not the way usually discussed.  It leads the way down the rabbit hole of totalitarianism.

Is that hyperbolic rhetoric, or is it fact-based?  Or is it jealousy?  I have an Ivy League diploma, so it’s not jealousy.  Let’s see if it’s fact-based.  Le’s see if facts establish an unholy Government bond with the Ivy League, similar to its bond with other institutions such as teacher unions and the media.

Let’s look at the University of Pennsylvania.  Huge donations from China.  The Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.  A professorship for Joe Biden.  An ambassadorship for Penn’s president.  Ivy League Professor Biden?

Let’s look at Princeton University.  The elimination of its long-standing requirement that classics’ majors be proficient in Greek or Latin, “to promote equity and inclusion … to protect members of our community from discrimination and the effects of systemic racism — particularly anti-Black racism”.  Equity and inclusion in lieu of scholarship?

Let’s look at Harvard University.  A head chaplain who is an atheist and who wrote the book “Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe”  Head chaplain? Who does he pray to?

Let’s look at Columbia University.  Segregated graduation ceremonies: Multicultural community. LGBTQIA+ community, Asian community, First-generation and/or low-income community, Black community, Latinx community, and Native community.  Judge people by the content of their character?

This is not just about the Ivy League.  This is about the education industry.

University endowment funds own hundreds of billions of dollars.  Ivy League universities sell diplomas for $300,000.  On top of that, Government gives them tax breaks and financial support.  How many university presidents want the Government to be displeased with them?

But not having Government be displeased with you is different than being a Government accomplice.  Why be an accomplice?

Why did University of Pennsylvania Professor Anthea Butler, Chair of Religious Studies, publish this May 27, 2022 tweet about the school massacre in Uvalde, Texas: “Since no one else will ask, I will. Did those children die because most of them were Mexican American and the police didn’t give a damn about a school w predominately brown kinds? I mean, because it’s Texas .. and if you think everyone who isn’t white is illegal..”?  Ivy League professor?  The price for an ambassadorship?

Why do these facts exist?  What we know for sure is this: Money talks.  Or, as Deep Throat explained: Follow the money.  Let’s try that.

What does Government want?  It wants woke indoctrination.

What does the Ivy League want?  It wants to sell $300,000 diplomas.  It doesn’t care who pays.

Abracadabra!  In exchange for the Ivy League indoctrinating our children with Government ideology, Government will cancel all student loans, and will make college education free.  Government will make taxpayers pay for Ivy League diplomas for doctors, lawyers, teachers, and politicians … to retain institutionalized anti-“Deplorables” Government. Money, money, money for the Ivy League.

With a wink and a nod, Government and the Ivy League shook hands on the deal of the century.

If you are unsure, ask yourself this question: What does anyone learn at an any university that is worth $300,000 and four years of his, her, or its life?

Child Abuse

Your child is blessed with life and birth.  You are blessed with the innate yearning to bless your child with love, care, and values you hold dear.  These miracles are the story of humanity.  Oh so sadly, however, the story of humanity includes a dark side.

You see your child having to live in a darkening world, and it breaks your heart.

You see one-parent households.  Welfare formulas encouraged the absence of fathers.

You see Godlessness.  Without anything above you, anything you do is fine and dandy.

You see Ozzie and Harriet replaced as role models by Harry and Meghan.  Rulers prefer rulers.

You see your child having to struggle to survive in a world of violence and fentanyl.  You don’t understand defunding the police.  You don’t understand the government’s explanation: “It’s equity”.

You see your child get a high school diploma that he can’t read.  You understand why teacher unions oppose competition from charter schools, but you don’t understand why the government calls you a domestic terrorist.

You see your child struggle to find gainful employment, struggle to support himself.  You don’t understand why the government wants to pay off the school loans owed by doctors, lawyers, teachers, and children of politicians.

But more than all of that, there’s something else you see that makes your heart cry and scream, something else that brings tears to your eyes, something else that makes our Founding Fathers’ fear of government echo deep within your soul.  It’s this …

Government is stealing our children from us.  It’s not a small matter, and it’s not hyperbole.  And we all know it, even though we try with all our might to pretend we don’t know it.

Government now teaches our youngest children to judge people by the color of their skin.  To believe that anyone who questions killing a pre-born baby for any reason at any time up to the instant of birth is a fascist.  To believe that teacher unions have a greater right than parents to determine what values are taught to children and to determine what health care is provided to children.

Government is exerting its best effort to take our children away from us, and to indoctrinate and control them in ways reminiscent of Hitler Youth.

This is child abuse … on steroids.


On May 13, 1981, Mehmet Ali Ağca attempted to assassinate Pope John Paul II.  He shot and wounded the Pope with four bullets.  The Pope met with him and forgave him.  At the Pope’s request, he was pardoned and released from jail.  Prior to his release, he converted to Catholicism.  Love and forgiveness breed love and forgiveness.

Hate breeds hate.

Make a list of everything Democrats and their supporters said about Republicans and their supporters, since Hillary Clinton’s second run for President.  Once completed, the list will speak for itself.  No opinion by any Republican will be necessary.

What do you see on the list?  Do you see love and forgiveness, or do you see hate?  Of course, that’s a rhetorical question.  We know the list is the definition of hate  Everything on the list breeds hate.  Don’t waste your time looking for love and forgiveness on the list.  Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Squad, CNN, MSNBC, late night “comedians” … if you’re looking to them for love and forgiveness, you’re looking in all the wrong places.

When the Speaker of the House sat behind the President of the United States of America, and, as he spoke to We the People from the House Chamber, she shredded the State of the Union Address … that’s hate … hate directed at the President … hate directed at We the People … serving no purpose other than to breed hate.

What’s wrong with us?  How did we reach the point of electing haters to rule over our lives?  Why do we elect haters?  Do we elect haters because they’ve turned us into haters?  Would we be haters, if we paid less attention to their television and social media messaging, and paid more attention to the difference between fact and opinion?

When a person shouts and calls people nasty names, the person knows he is not on the winning side of the argument.  He knows his side of the argument is pure bologna.  Does he know he is breeding hate?  Does he care?  Is that his purpose?

In his January 20, 2021 inaugural address, Joe Biden said “Today, on this January day, my whole soul is in this: Bringing America together.  Uniting our people.  And uniting our nation.”  In his January 11, 2022 remarks advocating new voting legislation, he said his opponents are supporters of George Wallace, Bull Connor, and Jefferson Davis.  How sad, how scary, that he doesn’t see any difference between unity and hate. How sad, how scary, that the hate of gun violence is raging under his version of unity.

We the People are at a crossroads.  We can believe the message of hate, or we can believe the message of the millions of people from around the world who come to America because it is a nation of unity … not a nation of hate … no matter what Democrats and their supporters say.  And we can elect leaders who share our belief.

Exterminating the Opposition

On May 4, 1970, on the campus of Kent State University, they exterminated the opposition (i.e.,they massacred Allison Krause, Jeffrey Miller, Sandra Scheuer, and William Knox Schroeder).  Then they rigged the 1972 presidential election (i.e. Watergate).  But Nixon’s resignation did not end it.

Obama’s Administration and its cohorts rigged the 2016 presidential election in an attempt at exterminating the opposition — albeit, a failed attempt.  Special Counsel John Durham was appointed to investigate.  As of May 20, 2022, an FBI lawyer in the Obama Administration has pleaded guilty to falsifying evidence presented to the FISA Court for the purpose of spying on Donald J. Trump and his presidential campaign.  And a witness in the prosecution of another lawyer has testified to the personal involvement of Hillary Clinton.

During the 2020 presidential election, the intelligence community, big tech, much of the media, a presidential debate moderator, and people in charge of elections exterminated the candidacy of Donald J. Trump (i.e., exterminated the voters).  Calling people paranoid for believing a Deep State exists is an attempt to exterminate the truth.

In May 2022, a shocking extermination by the Deep State was revealed: the 2020 Census under-counted the populations of Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, and Illinois … and over-counted the populations of Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Utah.  “Red States” were under-counted, and “Blue States” were over-counted.  Why does the incorrect “counting” matter?  It matters, because the Constitution says the number of Congressman from each State is based on population — the larger the population of a State, the more Congressman from that State.  In other words, the bureaucracy that did the “counting” gave residents of Blue States “extra” Congressmen, and gave residents of Red States fewer Congressman than they are entitled to have.  This “error” lasts for 10 years.

Some people may think the false “counting” was an innocent mistake.  The problem with that thinking is this: the victims of inaccurate news, speech cancellation, and vicious name-calling are the same people who are the victims of the false “counting” (i.e., the Deplorables).  If you think there’s that much coincidence, you’ve been exterminated.

Some of the Founding Fathers treated the opposition harshly, the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr being one example, the 1800 presidential election being another.  But most of them respected the opposition, the result being the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.  The troika of Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer work to exterminate all opposition.  We’ve come a long way, and not at all for the better.