One-Sided Debates

Winning a one-sided debate is a whole lot easier than winning a two-sided debate.  Everybody knows that.  The loud voices who shout at us all day every day know that.  That’s why they cancel people who question them or disagree with them.

A memorable one-sided debate was the Trump-Biden presidential debate moderated by Kristen Welker of NBC News.  President Trump tried to talk about Hunter Biden’s laptop computer.  Kristen Welker wouldn’t allow him to talk about it.  That was after she allowed Joe Biden to say that fifty members of the intelligence community said his son’s laptop computer is Russian disinformation.  Kristen Welker was, and forever likely will be, the gold standard for one-sided debates.

There are lots of other examples.

Anti-fossil-fuel advocates talk about the downside of fossil fuels.  Why don’t they talk about the upside … energy independence, manufacturing plastics and medicines and clothing, heat in the winter and cooling in the summer without electric-grid brownouts and blackouts, fuel for airplanes, all at a low cost without taxpayer subsidies?

Abortion advocates talk about the upside for the mother.  Why don’t they talk about the downside for the unborn baby … torture and death?

Advocates of teaching children that White babies and Black babies are different at birth talk about what they say is the upside of that lesson.  Why don’t they talk about the downside of that lesson … eliminating parents, and indoctrinating children to judge people by the color of their skin?

Advocates against charter schools talk about what they say is the upside of unified education for all children (of course, not including children from wealthy families who send their children to private schools).  Why don’t they talk about the downside of promoting inner city children every year, accepting their sub-standard standardized test scores as a normal life, and handing them a diploma they can’t read?

As long as loud voices continue to ban two-sided debates, they will not convince us that anything they say is true.  Their refusal to engage in two-sided debates tells us everything we need to know.

A day will come when loud voices are a distant memory.  We will overcome.  History tells us so.  Until then, may we not sink to their level, may we trust in truth, and may we pray for the wisdom and courage to trust in God.

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