Non-Essential Workers

Our nation has been brought to its knees.  By whom?  By China, our government, our Fourth Estate?  Yes.

Imagine this.  You lead an honorable life.  You obey all laws.  After graduating from high school, you work for several employers in several retail businesses for several years, you invest your life savings in a small business of your own, you marry and raise a family.  You’re sufficiently successful to be able to support your family, even afford health insurance and two weeks vacation each year.  You teach your children pride and the value of hard work, and instill in them the dream of attending college.  Then, WHAM!  China infects our nation with a deadly disease.  Our government and Fourth Estate create rules that they say are necessary to protect our nation, to protect even you.  The rules require you to close your business and stay inside your home with your family at all times, not allowing any visitors.  You’re scared.  You’re confused.

You don’t understand why the rules don’t apply to people working in the government and the Fourth Estate.  You don’t understand why the rules don’t apply to the hordes of people who burn and pillage businesses across our nation.  You especially don’t understand why the rules don’t apply to our government’s two top health officials, the ones who created the rules.

You’re not alone.  You’re one of tens of millions of us who also don’t understand, who also are called Non-Essential Workers.  Non-Essential?  Really?

You think of yourself as Essential, as does your family.  But you can’t help thinking about what might have been.  If only you had become a bathroom attendant or bathroom matron in the employ of Congress, maybe even a photocopy machine operator.  Then you too would have been Essential.

What’s the lesson?  In Animal Farm, George Orwell taught us the lesson: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

May the day soon come when everyone believes everyone is Essential.

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