No Law, No Order

Law and order are not welcome under the tent of unity and equity.  Defund the police (not including the police who protect the ruling class) is the battle cry of the republic.  “Mostly peaceful protests” take the lives of many, destroy the livelihoods of many, and burn police stations and courthouses (with the support of the ruling class).  Insurrectionists occupy areas within our cities, and declare them to be autonomous zones free of our laws (with the support of the ruling class).  The daily shooting and killing of countless inner city residents doesn’t raise any politician’s eyebrows, not even when the politician is the President and he calls the inner city his home.  Babies are shot in broad daylight on our streets.  Adults are knocked to the ground by attacks from behind, as they shop and fill their gas tanks and ride our subways.  Families dining together out of doors are assaulted.  And nobody goes to jail, because unity and equity are the law and order of the day.

My wife and I used to enjoy Washington Square Park in Manhattan.  Now we wouldn’t risk entering the park.  On June 27, 2021, the park was filled with curfew violators who the police were not allowed to arrest or disperse; a young woman expressed herself during the Pride gathering by punching an elderly hotdog vendor in the face several times, leaving him with a bloody nose, a busted lip, and bleeding from the head.  Earlier that day, a young man who was walking with his family in Times Square was shot in broad daylight.

Prosecutors declare that they will not prosecute shoplifters who steal less than $1,500 per shopping spree, and police let shoplifters shop to their hearts’ content, whenever the mood strikes, because police know arrests will not lead to prosecutions.

In June 2021 in Virginia, a police union invited the candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general to a meeting, in which the candidates would be given an opportunity to discuss concerns with law and order.  No Democrat candidate attended.

Not far from the home of the Speaker of the House of Representatives and elsewhere, illicit drug use, public defecation, and public urination have become the order of the day — with the blessing of the ruling class.

The President’s son … well, you know.

We’re living in a Hollywood re-make of the Wild West.  The Clantons are at it again.  Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, we need you.

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