Murder Is Legal (in Colorado)

On April 4, 2022, the State of Colorado enacted a new law named the “Reproductive Health Equity Act”.  The new law says “A pregnant individual has a fundamental right … to have an abortion and to make decisions about how to exercise that right.”  The new law also says “A fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent or derivative rights under the laws of this State.”

The new law’s scope is breathtaking.  It grants new abortion rights not only to every “pregnant woman”, but to every “pregnant individual”.

The new law’s language is confusing.  Any law that authorizes a “pregnant individual” to kill something inside the “pregnant individual” would not make any sense, unless that “something” were alive.  Regardless of whether Colorado calls that “something” a “fertilized egg”, “embryo”, “fetus”, “baby”, “person”, or “human being”, that “something” must be alive.  That “something” must be either animal, vegetable, or mineral.  And since that “something” is neither vegetable nor mineral, it must be animal.  The species of that animal must be a human being, because it is not any other animal species.  And since that “something” is an entirely innocent human being, killing it for any or no reason is murder.  So, it’s confusing why Colorado calls its new law “Health Equity”.  Why didn’t Colorado more accurately call its new law the “Legalization of Murder Act”?

Some people believe that killing a human being sometimes is a good thing.  Some people believe that killing Nazis as they shoved millions of people into gas chambers and ovens was a good thing.  But unborn human beings are not Nazis.  So, why do some people believe that murdering them is a good thing, a thing worthy of protection by a new “Health Equity” law?

Why is the title of the new law more about marketing the new law than explaining the new law?  How did “Health” get into the title of a new law that has nothing to do with health, and only deals with death?  What does “Equity” mean in the new law, who gets to define what it means, does the unborn baby get to define what it means?  Why doesn’t Colorado see any difference between a “fertilized egg” and a “fetus” whose head is crowning, don’t sonograms exist in Colorado?

Colorado’s new law is a furtherance of the fraud that is centerpiece of the abortion controversy.  The fraud is the mantra that “a woman’s right to choose” is “health care” rather than “the killing of innocent human life”.  Unless and until the fraud ends, the abortion controversy will not end.  It’s impossible to resolve a controversy, when the controversy is between fraud and truth.  Unless and until it becomes a non-fraudulent and truthful controversy (a controversy about whether the killing of innocent human life should be a protected right), the controversy will not end.

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