Leaders Lead, Bullies Bully

George Washington and Winston Churchill were leaders.  People were happy to follow their lead.  Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler were bullies.  People were afraid to not succumb to their bullying.  The former two united, the latter two divided.  The former two invited debate, the latter two cancelled debate.  The former two respected the divide between government and the media, the latter two eliminated the divide.

When a large majority of people agree, leaders who represent the majority do not have any need to bully the minority.  Why would leaders of a large majority bully a small minority six ways to Sunday, all day every day?  Easy question … they would not have any need to bully the small minority.

They could secretly surveil any small minority they consider to be a national security threat … just as the FBI secretly labelled Martin Luther King, Jr. “the most dangerous Negro” and surveilled him.  They could use facts and logic to explain why a small minority is wrong-headed … for example, to explain why it’s racist to not judge people by the color of their skin.

They could achieve their goals merely by holding universally-trusted elections in which their large majority would vote for them and in favor of their goals.  They would not have to replace universally-trusted elections with “by any means necessary” rule.

Bullies rule “by any means necessary”, because they do not represent a large majority.  They represent themselves, with the support of a minority who they create by bullying … by controlling the media, by silencing speech, by labelling political opponents as domestic terrorists, and by encouraging murder and mayhem against the majority.  We all should remember Kristallnacht.

“By any means necessary” is what ideologues shout when they don’t represent a large majority.  “The end justifies the means” is their vision of justice.  Hey, I know I’m right, so my getting what I want “by any means necessary” is the definition of unity, equity, and justice … without any need to let We the People vote on what they want.

This is the core principle of the troika of the Democrat Party, the legacy media, and big tech.  In May 2022, they proudly declared it to be their core principle.

On May 2, 2022, a political operative stole and published a secret draft Opinion from the Supreme Court (regarding abortion).  On May 4, 2022, Adam Schiff (Democrat Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who advocates unlimited abortion) tweeted: “I don’t care how the draft leaked.  That’s a sideshow.”  By “sideshow”, he declared that stealing and leaking from the Supreme Court is a “by any means necessary” act of unity, equity, and justice.

We can elect leaders or bullies.  The choice is ours.

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