Law in America

America has laws.  Why?  For justice?  Obviously not.  Where is the justice in this … It’s illegal for a builder to give a $1,000 bribe to a building inspector, and It’s legal for a lawyer to give a $1,000,000 campaign contribution to a governor?

Nope.  Laws have nothing to do with justice.

It’s illegal to tell a lie in order to trick a person to give you $1,000.  It’s legal to tell a lie in order to trick 100,000 people to give you their precious votes during an election.

There are legal consequences for someone whose negligent driving causes the unjustifiable death of another person.  There are no legal consequences for any politician whose negligence causes the unjustifiable death of any member of the armed services … 58,000+ in Vietnam, and 4,000+ in Iraq.

Citizens who try to sneak past TSA when returning from another nation without first producing proof of COVID vaccination and a face mask face legal consequences.  Illegal aliens are welcomed by the millions, without vaccination or face mask.  People in power prance in public to publicize the fact that they do not face legal consequences for lack of face masks.

On September 14, 2003, Dick Cheney assured the United States that, upon invading Iraq, “we will, in fact, be greeted as liberators”.  He had just resigned as CEO of Halliburton, and Halliburton had just given him a parting gift of $30+ million.  In 2003, we invaded Iraq by falsely claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and we paid Halliburton $1+ billion to help with our invasion.  Nobody bothered to explain why that was legal.

But there is little that explains the law better than this.  Nancy Reagan preached “Just Say No” to drugs during America’s “War on Drugs”.  Anti-marijuana laws were everywhere, and jail cells everywhere were filled with people who used, possessed, or distributed marijuana.  Marijuana was an illegal, immoral scourge that attacked America’s very being — until Bill Clinton smiled when he said he didn’t inhale, and Barak Obama smiled when he said he did inhale.  And, then, the lawmakers said it’s time for new laws — to replace the old, not-worth-a-dime laws that put countless people in jail.  And, here’s where America is today.  On March 31, 2022, the United States House Of Representatives passed a bill that eliminates criminal penalties for anybody who uses, possesses, or distributes marijuana.

The marijuana-violators in jail probably are wondering why they are in jail.  Did some new medical study reveal new information about the merits of marijuana?  No.  Did human beings develop a natural defense against the harms of marijuana?  No.  What happened is simply this … the people who used to be in power are gone, and the people now in power like marijuana.  And that’s law in America.

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