Joseph Goebbels Rules America

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”  [Joseph Goebbels]

The press fill our television screens and newspapers all day every day with commentary about Gabby Petito.  Even Sherlock Holmes would be hard-pressed to find more than one or two facts slipped into the endless commentary.  Yet, attractive, charismatic, highly-paid press dole out their commentary just as a military mess-hall private doles out mess.  Why?

Gabby Petito is a sad story, a tragic story.  It’s a death.  But it’s a story with few substantiated facts to dole out.  Why is it the most doled out story about a death?

Why aren’t any of the hundred thousand annual fentanyl deaths a story worth doling out?  Or any of the tens of weekly shooting deaths in Chicago?  Or any of the thousands of deaths resulting from Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 Orders?  Or any of the deaths of the thirteen service members killed as America retreated from Afghanistan?

Why don’t the press fill our television screens and newspapers with the stories of all these deaths?

Why don’t the attractive, charismatic, highly-paid press dole out their overwhelmingly sincere sadness and anger (or so they would have us believe) for every one of these deaths?

The answer should be obvious.  Fiction sells better than non-fiction.  Harry Potter sells better than Thomas Cromwell.  What sells is what matters to the press, and is what matters to the corporations that own the press.

As the press doles out its stuff, there’s little if any room left for factual news.  The time it takes to dole out crocodile tears for Gabby Petito is time that’s taken away from doling out actual facts that undeniably would affect our lives and fortunes.  Facts that an informed electorate should know, and has the right to know.  Facts that government does not want the electorate to know.

Look over here at Gabby Petito.  Don’t look over there at America’s participation in developing COVID-19.

The Third Reich did not want an informed electorate.  Joesph Goebbels ruled over that.  He still rules.

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