Joe Biden: an Extraordinary President

Politicians, pundits, and people ridicule Joe Biden as mentally unfit, incompetent, wrong on every issue, and a toady of a political cabal.

Let’s pause a moment.  Let’s set aside nasty name-calling.  Let’s analyze the facts before our faces.

Joe Biden says he wants to end fossil fuel, he wants unrestricted immigration, he wants to control what people say, he wants to control what school children are taught, he wants to re-make the Supreme Court, he wants to eliminate voter integrity, he wants the FBI to do his bidding, and he doesn’t want to answer questions from We the People.  He’s batting 1,000.  He’s getting everything he wants.  He truly is extraordinary.

Those who ridicule him either don’t “get it”, or pretend they don’t “get it”.  It’s as plain as the nose on our face.  Joe Biden permanently changed America … in his own image.

America no longer is a country in which all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with unalienable Rights.  It no longer is a country with a Constitution and Bill Of Rights that supersede the desires of whoever happens to be in power at the moment.  It no longer is a country where no person in power would cede territorial control of a city’s downtown to an armed group of people who hate America.  It no longer is a country where people are not judged by the color of their skin.  It no longer is country where parents have more say about raising their children than people in power have.

Those who ridicule Joe Biden don’t like what he’s done to America.  Those who applaud Joe Biden like what he’s done to America, and don’t care that he’s done it without resorting to constitutional processes.  The former believe the ends do not justify the means.  The latter believe the ends justify the means.

Joe Biden is the embodiment of the belief that the ends justify the means, and that is the basis of his extraordinary batting average.  Does that make him a good President or a bad President?  That’s not the issue at hand.  The issue at hand is that he is one of the most effective Presidents, if not the most effective President, in history.

Politicians, pundits, and people who ridicule Joe Biden should be ridiculed for their inability to see the obvious.  In just a year, Joe Biden’s undone the country created by the Founding Fathers more than 200 years ago.

Joe Biden is an historic figure … in the category of George Washington, Adolph Hitler, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin.  He’s an extraordinary President.  Period!

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