Jack Ruby Explains It All

John F. Kennedy was President of the United States of America, King of Camelot, and leader of the Free World.

On November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas, JFK had limitless resources available for his personal protection — the Secret Service, CIA, FBI, Texas State Police, Texas Highway Patrol, Texas Rangers, and Dallas Police Department.  Even the Texas Army National Guard and the United States Army.

Yet, a nobody named Lee Harvey Oswald, acting entirely alone, was able to stroll to the top of the Texas School Book Depository, and assassinate the most heavily protected person in the world.

In less time than it takes for tear to fall from an eye, the experts captured the lone assassin and locked him up for safekeeping in a cell in the Dallas Police Headquarters.

Yet, a nobody named Jack Ruby, acting entirely alone, was able to stroll into the Dallas Police Headquarters, through the crowd of experts and the Fourth Estate, to the cell holding the assassin.   And this nobody was able to pull out his .38 Colt revolver, and assassinate the lone assassin.  All the world watched on live television.

No doubt was left to the imagination.  The lone assassin would not live to tell his story.  Both nobodies acted entirely alone.  Anyone who questions that is a conspiracy theorist.

Jack Ruby explains it all.  Really, he does.

Jack Ruby explains why it’s legal for politicians to use lies to trick us out of our precious votes.

Jack Ruby explains we started a war against Vietnam, and why we lost.

Jack Ruby explains why nobody goes to jail for manslaughter, when a corporation conceals a known death-causing defect in its products.

Jack Ruby explains why Halliburton could give Dick Cheney tens of millions of dollars, and, soon thereafter, receive a no-bid government contract worth $1 billion.

Jack Ruby explains why Anthony Fauci could sit between two men at a baseball game without wearing a mask, why Deborah Birx could fly to visit her mother on Thanksgiving, and why Gavin Newsom could wine and dine with lobbyists indoors at the French Laundry without wearing a mask.

Jack Ruby explains why Nancy Pelosi could shred the State of the Union Address.

Jack Ruby explains it all.

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