Invisible Americans

100,000 illicit drug deaths in America each year.  Failed inner city public schools.

Not a peep from America’s rulers about this.  America’s rulers peep all day every day about other stuff: The other guy’s a bum, you can trust me, I’m going to do this for you, I’m going to give that to you, I promise.

As America’s rulers preach and promise all day every day, illicit drugs continue to kill and inner city public schools continue to fail.  Silently.

There’s a reason.  The victims of illicit drugs and inner city schools are invisible.  America’s rulers preach and promise to them before every election, and forget about them after every election.  America’s rulers don’t live in their world, don’t improve their lives, and don’t think their lives have any value other than as a source of votes at election time.

Needle exchanges.  Shooting galleries.  Tent cities strewn with drug paraphernalia.  Open borders for fentanyl from China.

Teacher unions, yes.  Charter schools, no.  Parents’ participation in public school curriculum, no.  Passing grades and diplomas that have no meaning, and lead to no opportunity for a meaningful job.

Election after election, year after year, decade after decade, promise after promise, ruler after ruler … the sideshow of politics grows richer and more powerful … the lives of the invisibles grow poorer and less powerful.

Few Americans trust or respect America’s rulers, yet almost all of America’s rulers get re-elected and re-elected.  How is this possible, if democracy truly exists?  If a representative government based on One Person One Vote truly exists?

Think about what America is and what it was, every time you drive through one of America’s inner cities, every time you vote, and every time you hear America’s rulers preach and promise.

Being invisible in the eyes of America’s rulers is just plain wrong.

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