Institutional White Supremacy

All day every day, politicians and pundits tell us that America is a racist nation — that it is poisoned by institutional White supremacy.  Are they right, wrong, or lying?

Let’s look at one of our most valuable institutions — education.  It’s where we give our our children opportunity.  It’s where we shape their minds.  It’s where we either teach them that math is objective or that it is racist.  It’s where we either teach them that Whites have to be ashamed of being White or don’t.

The best way to examine institutional White supremacy in education is to examine the issues of money and student populations.

Analyzing the issue of money is easy.  Our most prestigious colleges and universities have endowments of tens of billions of dollars.  And government and donors give countless additional money to them every year.  We spend enormous amounts of money to maintain our educational institutions.  So, the question is this: Are we really spending our money to maintain our most prestigious colleges and universities as bastions of White supremacy?

The answer to this question lies in the facts.  What are the facts?

About 75% of America is White.  If we really do spend our money to maintain institutional White supremacy in education, then more than 75% of the students in our most prestigious colleges and universities must be White.  It’s that simple, but is that what the facts prove?

Fortunately, we know the facts.  The percentages of Whites in our most prestigious colleges and universities are known: Harvard 38%, Yale 40%, Princeton 40%, University of Pennsylvania 39%, Columbia 35%, Cornell 36%, Dartmouth 50%, Brown 41%, Stanford 32%, Amherst, 43%, Williams 49%, Swarthmore 37%, MIT 29%, Cal Tech 29%.  These percentages are published on the government website “National Center for Education Statistics” at

These facts describe our student populations today, for our children who are two decades old.  The issue of institutional White supremacy that occurred more than two decades ago is separate from the issue of what’s been taking place in America for the last two decades or more.

Based on the facts that describe the last two decades or more, America clearly spends an enormous amount of money to promote institutional Anti-White supremacy in education.

As the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously observed, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.”

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