Helter-Skelter in America

Imagine an African Muslim woman who looks across the Atlantic Ocean at the United States of America and sees a nation who she deeply believes was founded by European White Judeo-Christian racist misogynists, based on White supremacist principles with White supremacist institutions designed to deny people of color the right to vote and designed to deny people of color an equitable share in the nation’s power and wealth.  Now imagine that woman saying to herself “That’s the nation for me!  That’s the nation I want to call home.  Goodbye Africa, America here I come.”  It’s not hard to imagine that woman.  We know her as Ilhan Omar.

Imagine a wealthy segment of society who acquires wealth by pretending to be who they’re not, and by reciting what other people tell them to say.  Imagine their enjoying multiple large homes with heating and air condition systems, yachts that burn fuel faster than a hummingbird’s wings flutter, and private jets that get them from here to there and back at their beck and call.  Imagine them preaching everyone who needs affordable fossil-fuel energy is a racist.  It’s not hard to imagine them.  We call them actors.

Imagine a Speaker of the House of Representatives who unilaterally rules that Members of the House will be arrested if they don’t wear face masks during the coronavirus pandemic.  Imagine she doesn’t wear a face mask when she’s involved in a photo op, or whenever she doesn’t feel like it.  It’s not hard to imagine her.  We know her as Nancy Pelosi.  The House can’t impeach her, because she’s the Speaker of the House.

Imagine a White man running for President on the platform that Whites are born bad and institutional White supremacy prevents people of color from sharing the power and wealth of the nation.  Imagine he was a Senator and Vice President for almost fifty years, never criticized Whites or the institution of White supremacy, and is not handing the presidency to a person of color.  It’s not hard to imagine.  We know him as Joe Biden.

Imagine a major national Party advocating against the enforcement of immigration law.  Imagine their claiming that we are a nation of laws, and no person is above the law.  Imagine their sworn oath to protect and defend the nation’s laws.  It’s not hard to imagine.  We know them as Democrats.

Imagine a government that calls nation-wide year-long murder and mayhem “mostly peaceful protests”.  Imagine a government preaching against law enforcement and in favor of defunding the police.  Imagine a government paying (with our money) for private security protection for themselves.  It’s not hard to imagine.  We call that government our public servants.

Imagine a nation’s politicians and pundits who call each other liars and traitors all day every day.  We should believe them.  They know themselves better than anyone else.  It’s Helter-Skelter in America.

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