On May 13, 1981, Mehmet Ali Ağca attempted to assassinate Pope John Paul II.  He shot and wounded the Pope with four bullets.  The Pope met with him and forgave him.  At the Pope’s request, he was pardoned and released from jail.  Prior to his release, he converted to Catholicism.  Love and forgiveness breed love and forgiveness.

Hate breeds hate.

Make a list of everything Democrats and their supporters said about Republicans and their supporters, since Hillary Clinton’s second run for President.  Once completed, the list will speak for itself.  No opinion by any Republican will be necessary.

What do you see on the list?  Do you see love and forgiveness, or do you see hate?  Of course, that’s a rhetorical question.  We know the list is the definition of hate  Everything on the list breeds hate.  Don’t waste your time looking for love and forgiveness on the list.  Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Squad, CNN, MSNBC, late night “comedians” … if you’re looking to them for love and forgiveness, you’re looking in all the wrong places.

When the Speaker of the House sat behind the President of the United States of America, and, as he spoke to We the People from the House Chamber, she shredded the State of the Union Address … that’s hate … hate directed at the President … hate directed at We the People … serving no purpose other than to breed hate.

What’s wrong with us?  How did we reach the point of electing haters to rule over our lives?  Why do we elect haters?  Do we elect haters because they’ve turned us into haters?  Would we be haters, if we paid less attention to their television and social media messaging, and paid more attention to the difference between fact and opinion?

When a person shouts and calls people nasty names, the person knows he is not on the winning side of the argument.  He knows his side of the argument is pure bologna.  Does he know he is breeding hate?  Does he care?  Is that his purpose?

In his January 20, 2021 inaugural address, Joe Biden said “Today, on this January day, my whole soul is in this: Bringing America together.  Uniting our people.  And uniting our nation.”  In his January 11, 2022 remarks advocating new voting legislation, he said his opponents are supporters of George Wallace, Bull Connor, and Jefferson Davis.  How sad, how scary, that he doesn’t see any difference between unity and hate. How sad, how scary, that the hate of gun violence is raging under his version of unity.

We the People are at a crossroads.  We can believe the message of hate, or we can believe the message of the millions of people from around the world who come to America because it is a nation of unity … not a nation of hate … no matter what Democrats and their supporters say.  And we can elect leaders who share our belief.

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