Gun Control

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  Of course, that’s axiomatically true.

FBI statistics show that people kill more people with their hands and feet than with rifles and shotguns.  And show that people kill more people with knives and cutting instruments than with rifles and shotguns combined.  (Rifles include firearms known as Assault Weapons.)

People kill ten times more people with opioids and fentanyl than with all types of firearms combined.  (The Sackler family and fentanyl manufacturers in China know this.)

Loud voices don’t advocate Illicit Drug Control, but they do advocate Gun Control.

Well, every little bit helps.  Let’s move forward — at least with Gun Control — in a way that even the NRA (in good conscience) cannot claim is a violation of the Second Amendment.

First: Let’s enforce all existing gun laws, even if the gun law violation is by Carl Rowan.

Second: Let’s prohibit all movies, tv shows, and video games in which a gun is used for a “good purpose”, even if used by Samuel L. Jackson.

Third: Let’s prohibit all music about gun violence, even if sung by Snoop Dogg.

These Gun Control measures would reduce the glorification of gun violence in the eyes of our children.  Isn’t that something worth advocating?

And it’s obvious that the loud voices who advocate Gun Control would cherish and advocate these Gun Control measures.  Isn’t it?

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