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Many American Presidents have done at least one good thing for America.  President Ronald Reagan was one of them.  He gave us Rupert Murdoch, who then gave us Fox News.

I hear cries of heresy all around.  Millions of Americans are reacting to what I just said by filling our nation’s cities with murder and mayhem.  With what America’s rulers call mostly peaceful protests.

Let’s pause.  Let’s give the flaming police stations and courthouses time to finish burning and then cool.  Let’s give the looted stores time to re-stock their shelves or shut their doors forever.  Let’s give social media time to modify their algorithms, to cancel any person who mentions Ronald Reagan.

Okay, now let’s resume.

There is only one question for deplorables and non-deplorables alike.  If it’s fine and dandy for every politician and pundit to claim that fiction is fact, why isn’t it fine and dandy for Fox News to do the same (as alleged by America’s rulers)?

I’m still waiting for Barak Obama to close Guantanamo.  I’m still waiting for the photographs of Hillary Clinton landing under sniper fire in Bosnia.  I’m still waiting for CNN and MSNBC to produce their evidence that Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation.

Richard Nixon hated The Washington Post.  America’s rulers hate Fox News.  No ruler of that ilk wants to be exposed.  But exposing is exactly what the Fourth Estate is supposed to do.  And no network does it as reliably as Fox News.

If Fox News lied as much as America’s rulers claim, America’s rulers would spend all day every day publishing proof of the lies.  But they don’t.  Because they can’t.  Because the alleged plethora of lies doesn’t exist.  It’s America’s rulers who tell lies.  Lies made up out of whole cloth.  Like when they declared that parents who complain to their local school boards are domestic terrorists.

When Fox News began, I couldn’t stand to watch it.  I thought it was inaccurate and un-American.  I did not believe a Deep State exists.  I did not believe the Fourth Estate is an arm of the Democrat Party.  Boy, was I wrong.

Thank you President Ronald Reagan.  Than you Rupert Murdoch.  Thank you Fox News.  Thank you Tucker Carlson.  Thank you all, for your brave patriotism, for exposing the truth.

Fox News is our best hope for truth, justice, and the American way.

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