Dionne Warwick taught us that “Wishin’ And Hopin’” won’t get us what we want.  The people who control our lives and fortunes learned that lesson well.  With the wings of the 2020 Presidential election under their feet, they speedily doubled down on their version of “equity”.

What does equity mean to them?

Through their actions, they tell us what equity means to them.  They tell us through Executive Orders in lieu of Congressional legislation, through multi-trillion-dollar discretionary spending, and through prohibition of words and ideas.

Through their actions, they use George Orwell’s definition of “equity”  — some people are “more equal” than others.  Some people are more entitled than others — more entitled to due process, more entitled to engage in mayhem and murder, more entitled to be racist.

Some of them tell us that it’s “fair and just” for there to be “more equal” among us.  Others of them tell us other reasons.  Where does that leave us?  That’s an easy question.  Those who control our lives and fortunes increasingly control our lives and fortunes.

Do they believe their own reasons why some of us are “more equal”?  Do they disbelieve their own reasons, and, nevertheless, espouse them for the purpose of increasing their control over our lives and fortunes?  It doesn’t matter which is true.  In either case, the result is the same — the result is division and discord.  They can give all the speeches they want about “unity”, but their actions speak louder than their words.  Division and discord are incompatible with unity.

Are they “fair and just” in their own lives?  Interestingly, they employ more people and build more factories in China and other countries than in our inner cities — where many of the “more equal” live — where many of the “more equal” receive a high school diploma but not a high school education — where poverty, crime, and COVID thrive.  Interestingly, their implementation of equity enriches them.

They chose Kristen Clarke to head the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division; she wrote that “Melanin endows Blacks with greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities”.  They chose Joe Biden to be President; he suffers from diminished mental capacity.  They turned our Capitol into a walled fortress surrounded by an army.  They turned us against ourselves.

How much more of their “equity” can we survive?

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