Election Day 2022

Al was a wise, even-tempered, open-minded gentleman, who was grateful for eight decades of life’s pleasures and never became angry at life’s disappointments.  When asked about this or that atrocity in politics, he calmly would say that politics is like a pendulum, swinging from extreme to extreme.

Al witnessed the Russian Revolution, the Holocaust, and the Cuban Revolution.  But Al never witnessed the Minority Leader of the Senate threaten the Supreme Court, the Speaker of the House of Representatives shred the State Of the Union Address, the banning of the President of the United States from social media, or the deployment of 25,000 armed National Guard and a razor-wire-topped metal fence around the Capitol for fear that We the People would topple our government by force of arms.

What would Al say today?  He would say what he always said — politics is like a pendulum.  But, how far will the pendulum of politics swing?  When will we reach an extreme?  When will we begin our return to equilibrium?  It took Germany a long time.  We don’t know about Russia and Cuba.  What will happen to us?

Election Day 2022 will be a meaningful event in our history, our forever history.  It will be an event when We the People choose the path of our pendulum.

How can we best prepare for Election Day 2022, so we vote wisely?  That should be an easy question for all of us to answer.

We should not be anyone’s puppet.  We should listen to pundits and politicians who advocate in favor of the path of our pendulum, and to pundits and politicians who advocate against it.  We should remember that every pundit and politician who tells us anything, is busy accumulating money and power.  We should educate ourselves and think for ourselves.  It’s that simple.

We should read our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  We should read the Farewell Address of President George Washington, the Gettysburg Address of President Abraham Lincoln, the Inaugural Address of President John F. Kennedy, and the “I Have A Dream” speech of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

We should remember that, together, we defeated Hitler, espoused the principle of One Person One Vote, passed the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, toppled Nixon, took down the Berlin Wall, and twice elected a Black President.

On Election Day 2022, together, we can vote to swing the pendulum for America.

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