Don’t Say Gay (in Florida)

They tell us Florida passed a law that prohibits teachers from saying “gay” — they call it the Don’t Say Gay law.  If you think they might be telling us the truth, search through every law ever passed in Florida — after you find that Florida never passed any such law, ask yourself “Why are they lying to us?”.

“Why are they lying to us?” is a question we should ask ourselves every day.

They tell us that Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation.  That it’s a national health risk for us to be unvaccinated and unmasked, but it’s not a national health risk for Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, and two million illegal aliens.  That a multi-trillion dollar spending bill won’t cost us a single penny.  That we pay tons of money so we can have the most powerful military in the world, notwithstanding the rice farmers in Vietnam and goatherds in Afghanistan.  That parents who criticize school boards are domestic terrorists.  That their flying on private jets to environmental protection conferences is for our benefit.

In truth, we know why they are lying to us.  It’s a painful truth, a sad truth.  A truth we don’t want to say out loud, for fear we will hear the truth with our own ears.

When we are alone, with nobody within earshot or eyesight, the truth percolates within us, rising toward our lips, with our lips barely capable of remaining silent.  We can feel the impending explosion.  We can hear it on television.  We can read it in the press.  We can experience it on social media.

We know we are coming apart at the seams.  Unraveling.  Shredding.  Disintegrating.

Truth, trust, ethics, community, society … evaporating.

Nobody believes anybody.  Nobody trusts anybody.  Every politician tells us that every other politician is a liar — and we believe all of them.

Who got us here?  How did they do it?  Why did we let them?

Or, maybe, we got us here ourselves.

May we soon find a way out of here, “in Order to form a more perfect Union”.

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