Democrats Deny Texans the Right To Vote

Our Founding Fathers had a silly idea: the Right To Vote.  They imagined that, when it comes to resolving political disagreements, the Right To Vote would be a guaranteed pathway to peace and democracy.

Boy, were they wrong!  Since 2000, Democrats and Republicans have often distrusted and contested presidential election results.  Democrat and Republican presidential candidates have litigated election results to the Supreme Court.  Democrat and Republican Senators and Members of Congress have filed formal objections to presidential voting results in many States.  And, yet, in spite of our government’s proven distrust of America’s Right To Vote, one good thing has prevailed — Democrats and Republicans alike have allowed We the People to vote, at least to some degree.

On the eve of Memorial Day 2021, that changed.  On that day, Democrats officially denied Texans the Right To Vote.  Democrats likely will describe it differently — they likely will describe it as an effort to protect Texans’ Right To Vote.  But calling a rose a tulip does not make the flower a tulip.

The Constitutions of the United States of America and Texas define the Right To Vote in Texas.  The Right To Vote begins with Texans having the Right To Vote for people to represent them in the Texas Legislature.  Legislators who ask for and receive the right to represent Texans in the Texas Legislature, have a duty to vote for or against Bills in the Texas Legislature.  Legislatures legislate — they don’t exist for any other reason.

When a legislator refuses to honor his promise to vote for or against Bills, isn’t that an impeachable offense?  When legislators conspire to prevent other legislators from voting for or against Bills, isn’t that, by definition, an impeachable and criminal offense?

On the eve of Memorial Day 2021, Hell froze over.  Texans had exercised their Right To Vote, by electing a Legislature comprised of Democrats and Republicans.  The Texas House of Representatives had honored Texans’ Right To Vote, by writing a Bill (a Bill about the Right To Vote).  The Texas House had scheduled a democratic vote on the Bill.  Then, on that fateful night, before the Texas House could vote on the Bill, the Democrats marched out of the House chamber, thereby denying the House a quorum, and thereby denying Texans’ the Right To Vote on the Bill (through their duly elected representatives in the House).

Can you imagine a civilized State or nation wherein one of the two major Parties refuses to allow the Legislature to vote on Bills written by the Legislature?  Of course you can’t— nobody can.  Not having the Right To Vote, is the definition of not having a civilized society.

On the eve of Memorial Day 2021, Democrats shouted “Rest In Peace” to Texans’ Right To Vote.

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