Common Sense

Revised December 17, 2021

In Common Sense, Thomas Paine warned: “A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right”.  His warning is long forgotten.

I’m not talking not about our rulers being wrong about a particular policy or ideology.  I’m talking about our rulers being wrong about the relationship between them and us.  I’m talking about President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: “government of the people, by the people, for the people”.

Setting President Abraham Lincoln aside, our rulers rule us in the darndest way.

They put us in jail when we give a building inspector $100, but they reward us handsomely when we give them $1,000,000.  They promise to never abridge our freedom of speech, but they authorize and assist big tech to do so.  They impose fossil fuel mileage standards on the cars we use to drive to work and to the doctor, but not on their private jets and yachts.  They arrest us and expel us from our children’s school board meetings when we don’t wear face masks during the coronavirus pandemic, but they don’t wear face masks when they think noone’s watching.

We lost our homes and jobs during the Great Recession they created.  They kept their homes and jobs, and, on the cheap, they bought what we used to own.

They throw us in jail for offenses of little consequence, such as bribing a Congressman and forgetting to call it a political contribution to his re-election campaign.  But they didn’t throw Ted Kennedy in jail for killing Mary Jo Kopechne and fleeing the scene.  Or FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith* for pleading guilty in August 2020 to a crime against the Fourth Amendment (altering evidence presented to the FISA Court for the purpose of illegally spying on the presidential campaign of the Party opposing the sitting President’s Party).  Or Hunter Biden for you know what.  Or anyone for assassinating Allison Krause and Jeffrey Miller and Sandra Scheuer and William Knox Schroeder on the campus of Kent State University.

They told us they knew Iraq had launched the attack on our World Trade Center, and Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that it was preparing to use against us.  They told us our self-preservation required us to invade the Middle East.  They told us we would be greeted as liberators.  They sent thousands of us to our death, and sent tens of thousands of Middle Easterners to their death.  After 20 years of war, they retreated and left Middle East terrorists with tens of billions of dollars of our high tech military weapons, airports, military installations, and embassy.  They left many of us behind.  And they transferred trillions of our dollars to their military-industrial complex.

They replaced “One Person, One Vote” with George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, teacher unions, big tech, cable news, Hollywood, the unlimited right to give unlimited amounts of money to an unlimited numbers of politicians, and the right of anyone with a pencil to vote as often as possible.  They tell us anyone who complains is a racist and a fascist.

We accept the superficial appearance of our rulers as “of, by, for the

We accept the superficial appearance of our rulers as “of, by, for the people”.  In Common Sense, Thomas Paine warned us.  What happened to our common sense?


* In December 2021, the District of Columbia Bar reinstated Kevin Clinesmith as a lawyer in good standing.

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