Child Abuse

Your child is blessed with life and birth.  You are blessed with the innate yearning to bless your child with love, care, and values you hold dear.  These miracles are the story of humanity.  Oh so sadly, however, the story of humanity includes a dark side.

You see your child having to live in a darkening world, and it breaks your heart.

You see one-parent households.  Welfare formulas encouraged the absence of fathers.

You see Godlessness.  Without anything above you, anything you do is fine and dandy.

You see Ozzie and Harriet replaced as role models by Harry and Meghan.  Rulers prefer rulers.

You see your child having to struggle to survive in a world of violence and fentanyl.  You don’t understand defunding the police.  You don’t understand the government’s explanation: “It’s equity”.

You see your child get a high school diploma that he can’t read.  You understand why teacher unions oppose competition from charter schools, but you don’t understand why the government calls you a domestic terrorist.

You see your child struggle to find gainful employment, struggle to support himself.  You don’t understand why the government wants to pay off the school loans owed by doctors, lawyers, teachers, and children of politicians.

But more than all of that, there’s something else you see that makes your heart cry and scream, something else that brings tears to your eyes, something else that makes our Founding Fathers’ fear of government echo deep within your soul.  It’s this …

Government is stealing our children from us.  It’s not a small matter, and it’s not hyperbole.  And we all know it, even though we try with all our might to pretend we don’t know it.

Government now teaches our youngest children to judge people by the color of their skin.  To believe that anyone who questions killing a pre-born baby for any reason at any time up to the instant of birth is a fascist.  To believe that teacher unions have a greater right than parents to determine what values are taught to children and to determine what health care is provided to children.

Government is exerting its best effort to take our children away from us, and to indoctrinate and control them in ways reminiscent of Hitler Youth.

This is child abuse … on steroids.

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